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Hello Santa,
Thank you for the games! Unfortunately they arrived just as we were heading out the door for the holidays, but I finally have time to post my gratitude. I added an item to the annual "Look What my Secret Santa Sent Me..." geeklist HERE. Again, thank you!

Happy Holidays!


For those interested in trading,
Please understand that while I currently have a chunk of my collection listed as available for trade, most of what is listed is currently in storage in another city and is only accessible about once a month (if I'm lucky). So if you request a trade, please keep in mind that it could be a while before I'm able to ship my copy.


My Gaming Background:
I was born in Ohio in 1986, which probably isn't all that long ago. Growing up I had to typical gaming experiences of most with the American "classics," plus playing Chess and Backgammon on an almost a weekly basis. However, after a while those got boring, and I wanted more exciting things from a game. Board gaming wasn't really an acceptable hobby in my circles, so I wouldn't be able to branch out until high school.

Once I had a car and the ability to roam the city, I stumbled upon the various game shops dotting the map. And I was happy. I usually ended up following the mass gaming trends in the area, trudging through Yu-gi-oh!, Magic: The Gathering, and Warhammer Fantasy. Fortunately, I was able to form my own identity and tastes as a gamer after one bust after another. I eventually settle on Warmachine, and although it took a few years before my models ever saw the table, the tabletop wargame eventually became my diversion of choice, and still is to this day. I also played the Legend of the Five Rings CCG for a number of years as well, but eventually realized that being a broke college student wasn't conducive to an expensive hobby with few local players.

In 2008, after transferring to a new college and knowing absolutely nobody, I managed to locate the university's gaming organization. Having a gaming library of 250+ games at your disposal and a steady playgroup definitely helped me to grow into the gamer that I am today. I (finally) graduated from college in 2012, proposed to my high school sweetheart, and the two of us immediately packed up everything to move across the state to start a new life together. Now we have a beautiful daughter that takes up most of my time, and with less and less time to devote to the hobby, I'm okay with the shift in priorities.

My Gaming Tastes
These days my purchases/trades fall into one of two categories. On the one hand I'm picking up quick games that can accommodate a lot of players simultaneously (like BANG!, Shadow Hunters, Love Letter, The Resistance). On the other hand, I keep an eye out for easy "intro" games that work well with 2 players, since the wife is open to playing games that aren't heavy (such as Cathedral, Fluxx, Ticket to Ride, etc.). Of course, there's always the occasional vanity purchase that doesn't fit into either category, just because I like the game enough.

My Top 10 are my favorite games that I own:

My Hot 10 are the games that I play most often:
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Top 10
#1: Warmachine Prime Mk II
#2: Trains
#3: Among the Stars
#4: The Resistance
#5: Battlestar Galactica
#6: San Guo Sha: Complete Edition
#7: Blokus Duo
#8: Infinite City
#9: BANG! The Bullet!
#10: Pokémon Trading Card Game
Hot 10
#1: Pokémon Trading Card Game
#2: Takenoko
#3: Gloom
#4: Ticket to Ride
#5: Batman Fluxx
#6: Warmachine Prime Mk II
#7: Guildhall
#8: The Resistance
#9: Love Letter
#10: Trains
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