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To anyone in the Seattle (Eastside) area: I keep my list of games for sale updated here. If you're reasonably close to Kirkland, see if there's anything in there you're interested in. Contact me using the email in that document.

The real me looks nothing like my avatar:

31 March 2014: Goodbye Rick, my brother, my friend

I have created a Chrome/Firefox plugin that adds various BGG Tweaks (background here). I like the improvements. See if you do too.

I hate chasing down rules online. When I download rules for any game, I save them. They are all publicly available on my personal rules archive. Feel free to browse and download any rules that interest you.

I can't stand paper money and will never use it. Instead I use these poker chips, which I highly recommend.

Interruption: I am playing boardgames a lot less these days, because despite not playing computer games much at over over the past decade, I am now entirely addicted to Heroes of the Storm (despite not being too great at it)

Jan 2012: New Year's resolution: spend less time on BGG. Solution: unsubscribe from all games. I used to get like 100 subscription notifications per day. Now I only get notifications for threads where I contributed. MUCH better. I miss out certain discussions, but that will have to be ok.

October 2011: I decided that I have too many games, and sold off about 120 games in 2 days. I few months later I beat that and sold 134 more games in 2 days. Sometimes I amaze even myself.

Blew some GG here, just for fun.

I created a guild for our game group, in Redmond WA. Anyone living or visiting in the Seattle area is welcome to join us. All the info is on the guild page.

I occasionally play boardgames online here.

Updated 9/7/09:
Back from a little over two years in China. One of the nice things about coming home is having a regular weekly game night. Although "life" often hijacks game night. School stuff, church stuff, wife stuff, random stuff.

Geek of the Week #199
My avatar explained there. But the picture it's from is this:

Into pretty much the typical Euro-games. For better or worse, I find that my tastes tend to differ with others in my game group. And also are getting more and more picky. It's still hard for me to resist buying too many games, but more and more are feeling like I didn't really need them.

After having played around with various ratings philosophies, I've mostly settled on simply trying to fit a bell curve, ideally centered on 5.5. I've come to find no value in any descriptive definition for each rating value. But I only try to rebalance my ratings annually or so.

curtc on BSW, basically just for an occasional Tichu game, although not much anymore. BSW kind of lost its mojo. Speaking of Tichu, I did some extensive data mining of the Tichu logs on BSW. For example: this, this, this, this, and this.

Finally got a decent game table (not GeekChic, because, well, if I spend over $10k on something I better be able to either drive it, or live in it):

Other interests:
Family: wife & two kids. Son is now old enough to play anything, and has been my best game partner last few years, especially while we were in China.
Work: Software engineering / development. As of Aug 2012 I am a development manager at Amazon in Seattle. I previously worked for about 19 years at Microsoft on various products.
Music: Like boardgames, there's just too much. Which is frustrating, but wonderful. I love discovering new music. Why unlimited subscription-based music isn't ubiquitous I can't understand. I'm waiting for the day Apple announces support via iTunes/iPod, and the Apple faithful will declare it the greatest thing since sliced bread (which it is). But why people continue to buy iPods which don't support subscription-based music services (such as Rhapsody) is completely beyond me. Even more incomprehensible is why people pay for music by the track. AllMusic.com serves as my music research. I download virtually all of the monthly editor-recommended albums and download to my devices, for zero incremental cost. Beautiful.
No surprise from the previous bullet, I love live music. Although due to my stage in life, I don't have the flexibility to go to all the shows I want to. Life isn't fair.
Squash (converted after 15+ years as avid racquetball player, but sadly am without a club where I can play), snowboarding.
Video games. Well, used to anyway. Used to really enjoy RTS games, but they peaked for me at Age of Empires 2: Conquerors and Rise of Nations. The latter I still play with my kids occasionally (Age2 just isn't friendly with current versions of Windows). I an xbox360 but never use it. Ultimately I'd rather be playing board games. But loving iPad games. Not enough time to really get into them though.
Church. Yes, I'm Mormon. Only work and family consume more time (or money).

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