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Um, why are you here reading my bio? I'm just adding a bunch of random notes here for what I want in my bio.

How I Got Into the Hobby

Back in 2000, Blokus caught my eye at the boardgame kiosk in the mall because it reminded me of Tetris. The other thing that caught my eye was that it displayed awards it won on the box. I didn't even know boardgame awards existed at that time, and so I had to buy it. I loved it, and even my friends had a blast playing Blokus at our parties when party games were the norm. I had to find more award-winning games. That's how I was able to discover the Spiel des Jahres, and then BGG, then found BGG auctions, then found Plano boxes, then started making custom foamboard inserts, and now I'm humming the Tetris theme as I'm figuring out how fit the next game into the shelf.

SPECIAL THANKS to the following for donating GeekGold towards my avatar: DanielCG, Robman, Vroomer

Current Go-To Games

If it's a party mode with many people, then I'll recommend Telestrations for big laughs, or The Resistance for yelling at each other.

If it's just me and my wife, then I like to suggest Android: Netrunner since she's the only person that would play with me. (I don't look for strangers to play with). Her favorite game is Pandemic, and I'm happy to oblige. She suggests playing it at most game nights we host, and new people always have fun with it since we over-dramatize each card flip.

Back in Tucson, my friend has a huge Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game collection that overshadows mine, so I go over to his place a lot of play with his toys and make pew-pew sounds. Then we started going to our FLGS's X-Wing league. Now that I'm in Seattle, I need to find a friend to spar with before going to leagues.

If a new couple hears that I'm into boardgames, and they're interested in trying something out, then I'll suggest Ticket to Ride. That's my most successful gateway game out of my collection. Something about a player saying they're going to play cards, and having your heart jump into your throat seems to happen all the time. Splendor is also my go-to game gateway game now.

With my regular gaming group, we enjoy Carson City, and Dominant Species. It seems that my favorite type of game is a thematic-euro. And if the mood is right (i.e. we have a lot of time and planned it ahead), we'd play a game of A Game of Thrones: The Board Game (Second Edition) or Spartacus: A Game of Blood & Treachery.

Ideal Game Collection Attributes

I prefer a small collection of gateway games that have a variety of gameplay mechanics rather than a huge game collection with stuff I don’t ever play. Since I'm that guy with all of the games I want to have a bunch of gateways to introduce people to. Games are only fun if other people will play them with me, and I can get games on the table more often when they have the following attributes:

* Medium randomness - I want new players to have a chance to beat me their first game if they get a good roll, or great shuffle.
* Limited number of meaningful choices – I don’t have fun when I have to decide between too many choices.
* Accessible multiple strategies – I don’t have fun when everybody’s mirroring each other’s tactics.
* Engaging until the end – whatever that means.
* Within 90 minutes - My friends would rather play many games in a night.

Where I Hear About Games

* The Official Shut Up & Sit Down Show GeekList: By popular demand
* The Secret Cabal
* Dice Tower
* The Hotness on BGG
* BGG Top 50 Statistics GeekLists - Announcement thread
* BGG Top 50 Most Played Subscription Thread

Random Mental Notes

The joys of the Ikea FRAKTA bag
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