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My current project is under development...

Designer's Blog:BattleBrik
BBG Page: Minifig Melee
Official Site: http://www.minifigmelee.com/

About Me

I'm in my mid-40's, but I'm still young at heart. My two younger boys (4 kids total) provide me with built in gaming partners and I also have a regular gaming group, so I get my fair share of gaming in...but never enough! I'm a software development manager by day, but my passion is gaming and game design.

Gaming History

Like most red-blooded American boys I grew up on a steady diet of traditional family games like Connect Four, Clue, Battleship, etc (Hasbro Nostalgia Series). While I would play an occasional game of Life or Monopoly, Risk was always the favorite. Additionally, I was exposed to many different Abstract Strategy games, especially Chess.

In my middle school and high school years I dabbled in Ameritrash type games like Axis & Allies and others similar to the Gamemaster Series. Dungeon! was a staple. To this day a table full of little plastic goodness sends my heart fluttering. I did a little bit of wargaming too... Gladiator was a favorite.

Later high school was mostly dominated by Role Playing games, including Dungeons & Dragons, Gamma World, Champions (Second Edition), Call of Chuthulu, etc, etc. Recent years have seen a return to role-playing games like D&D 4e and Star Wars Roleplaying Game: Saga Edition, although it is less playing than reading.

In more recent times as an adult, Heroscape Master Set: Rise of the Valkyrie opened a whole renaissance of miniatures gaming both with my boys and (once I got over the stigma) my FLGS. I've played tons of light tactical miniatures games (Monsterpocalypse, HeroClix, Pirates of the Spanish Main, etc, etc), and dabbled in more traditional wargames like Commands & Colors: Ancients.

I own just enough euro-games to say I'm familiar with the genre. Games like Catan, Carcassonne, and Dominion see more than their share of the dining room table, so to speak.

In the last year, Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game and even more so Star Trek: Attack Wing have captured my time and attention.

Also on the table a lot lately are a couple games that are the epitome of all that is Ameritrash: Risk Legacy and Spartacus: A Game of Blood & Treachery.

Another burgeoning interest is Indie-RPGs: Primetime Adventures (1st, 2nd and 3rd Editions), Mortal Coil, FU: the Free, Universal RPG and now especially The Quiet Year and Fiasco

This broad experience in gaming has lead me to design many of my own games...

Game Design

I have been designing my own games since I was young and a few years back got the gumption to start my own "game company" called Oak Tree Games and self-publish my first game: Virtue Cards.

This was a matter of choosing a game that had a a known target market, was easily implementable, and that I could take all the way from design through publishing to gain the experience of going through the process... yeah, it's as hard as they all say!

As noted above, my latest project is being tracked in a blog:
BattleBrik Blog

Some other games I've designed and created prototypes for, but have not (yet) published:

- Quantum: An abstract strategy game with a theme of quantum physics

- Myth: LCG based on monomyth concepts. Cards represent adversaries, events, equipment, etc. etc. that help the Hero on his journey.(old version here)

- SportZone: CCG Card sleeves printed with stats for various athletes who compete in a futuristic cross-sport game. Players use standard sports cards for the athlete pictures, then slide them in the corresponding sleeves.

- Emergency!: Euro style game where players compete to run an Emergency service by buying equipment, responding to emergency calls, and growing their jurisdiction. Geek List for it here.

-FactFinders: Educational History game where players build a dynamic deck of Info cards which when combined make a Fact, by using Finder cards to help them gather the right cards.

-Unpublished Prototype

Father's Day 2008
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Top 10
#1: Star Trek: Attack Wing
#2: Heroscape Master Set: Rise of the Valkyrie
#3: Risk Legacy
#4: Spartacus: A Game of Blood & Treachery
#5: Commands & Colors: Ancients
#6: Monsterpocalypse
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