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Jeremy Hoover
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The first eurogame I ever played was Settlers of Catan. My friend brought it over one weekend and although we played 2 player only, I still enjoyed it. During this time, I was regularly playing Risk with a group from my church, and in searching for variants for Risk I found BGG.

After perusing the website for several days I decided to take the plunge and buy a new game. I was torn between SoC and Carcassonne, but went with Carc. To this day, I'm glad I did. I find SoC to be dry and dull, depending on whom I'm playing with, but I've never had a bad game of Carc. It was my first rated 10 and will always be a 10 for me. Carc has instilled a love of tile-laying games in me, leading up to and including Tigris & Euphrates. T&E was the first game I fell in love with while looking around on BGG, but it took me a few years to get it!

I like short, quick card games the best because they are portable and easy to get a game or two in. Next to card games, I like tile-laying games. I'd play Carc every night if I could find someone to play with! I enjoy medium to medium-heavy games. Nothing too heavy, though I will play light games depending on who I am with.

In real life, I'm the preacher for the Horton Road Church of Christ in Jackson, Michigan. We've lived here for 4 years now (as of spring 2010), enjoy it, and hope to stay many more years. I'm on the lookout for a gaming group, so if you happen to notice me and see I'm in your area, hit me up on a message!
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