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North Star Games designs party games that don't suck! Play them with your non-gamer friends over the holidays.
First there was Hearts, then there was Spades, and now we bring you Clubs. The suit of clubs finally gets some respect!

North Star Games designs games that both gamers and non-gamers can enjoy together over the holidays.

About me:
My family did not watch much TV. We played board games instead. We had family night every night of the week, and 3 - 5 of those involved some sort of game. I still have copies of several games that I designed when I was 11. When I was 13, one of my games (Kabloogi) was banned from school because too many students played it during class. My final project during my senior year of high school was a business plan for a game company. That was the only thing I could think of that I wanted to do with my life.

My gaming interests have ranged from role playing, to competitive strategy (played on the Magic pro-tour for several years), to light Euro games, to party games. I have less time now, so I prefer the lighter games - especially ones that I can teach and play with my wife and other non-gamer friends.

I used to captain a commercial fishing boat in Alaska. When that industry crashed, I started thinking seriously about the board game company I had always dreamed about. After several years of research, and several years of business school, I raised money and started North Star Games. Our goal is to design games that you can play with your non-gamer friends and family. I keep searching for that elusive design which is simple enough for non-gamers, and still keeps my interest even after multiple plays (non-gamers want to play the same game over and over).

I posted a popular geeklist that recounts my story: North Star Games: it all started on a sinking ship in Alaska. I am also trying to be semi-regular with my blog about North Star Games, game design, board games, entrepreneurship, and other stuff.

I got married in 2008 and Daniel was born in 2010. I am blessed in life with a family that I adore and a job that I love. Unfortunately, this means I am not able to play games as often as I would like.

My wife, Karen, and my son, Daniel (at six weeks old).

This is me and Daniel working on a prototype.

My Favorite 10 Games:

(posted 11/17/2010)

(posted 1/11/11)

(posted 1/11/11)
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