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Jon G
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My wife and I got sucked into board gaming while attending discoking7 and meepthesheep's weekly Santa Barbara game night. Then we bought RR Tycoon, then we accidentally bought each other 4 board games (each) for Hanukkah and Xmas 2006, and umm, yeah.

Aside from that, I have a cushy engineering job making infrared cameras that pays for games, travel, and waaay too many hobbies. My wife and I are heavily involved in the Society for Creative Anachronism... I've been teaching and doing rapier combat and leatherwork for a decade, with a bit of storytelling and period gaming here and there. Plus the usual outdoorsy stuff, sports (me like hockey!), traveling, and culinary snobbery.

The Dr is in semiconductor engineering, the Mrow recalls the catterwalling I did outside my wife's window when she was in the dorms, the door between us was locked, and I thought it was more innocuous that shouting her name. It just sort of... stuck.
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