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[About Me]
Architect, Graphic Designer, and game fiend that enjoys being stretched intellectually and strategically.

Much like the business principle that a project can only be two of three things (cheap, fast, and well done), but not all three, I tend to gravitate to games that fit a similar philosophy. I think games can be two of three things (short, deep, and thematic), but not all three.

*I expect a strategic abstract game to be => short & deep
*I expect a simple light game to be => short & thematic
*I expect a long game to be => deep & thematic

Obviously, not every game falls into this philosophy, but I have found that when they do, my enjoyment of the game significantly increases.

[Social Media]
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[Game Design]
I'm also a game designer (please browse my designer's page).

My first two games came out in the winter of 2012/2013. Ground Floor is a deep economic euro game with a business building theme.

Skyline is a quick family game where you use dice to erect skyscrapers.
In 2014 I had 3 more games release. Yardmaster Express is a very light drafting game where all players share one hand of cards while they try to connect train cars.
Cypher is a micro game where players compete for control over a rogue A.I., using set collection and drafting.

Planes is a hand management game using a variation of the mancala mechanism about trying to catch a plane flight.
My next games will release in the fall of 2015. Bomb Squad is a real-time cooperative game about disarming bombs using the mechanism made famous in Hanabi.

Automobiles is a racing game fueled by a deck building mechanism that uses cubes instead of cards.

I'm continuing to work on new designs. I document my progress here.


Recently I've started sharing my player aides that I created: Short_Guides. These are basically 'index card' sized cheat sheets to aid in teaching the game and refreshing your memory on subtle hard-to-remember rules. They also include components lists for quick setup/cleanup.
Please browse this geeklist for more information on how to download the Short_Guide files.

[My Recently Played Games]

[My Wishlist]
These aren't just games I'm looking to buy, but also games that I'm currently doing research on in order to discover if I want to buy them.

[My Top 10 Games]
These are the games that I would choose to play if I alone was the sole decision factor in consideration. The truth is that this is very rarely the case. I usually have many newbies or casual gamers present, so my top choices rarely hit the table*. So, here's my Top 10. It is primarily composed of games that leave my mind thirsting for more brain burning decisions and games that have me screaming for additional time/workers/money/actions etc...

[My Hot 10 Games]
These are the games that I'm most excited to play right now. This list often includes games that I don't own yet and games that I have yet to play. I update it regularly.

* Consequently, you might notice that I have other games rated highly in my collection that are absent from my Top 10 list. This is due to the fact that I rate my games, not only according to BGG standard scale, but also within each respective games genre and demographic. This means that I might rate a party game very favorably because it is great among comparative party games. Yet it would not be my personal choice of play if everything was up to me. Likewise, other gateway games might be rated highly in my collection and this is due to the fact that they satisfy the need to get new gamers to the table. However, once again, these games would not be among those I would choose on my own...

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State: Arizona
Town/City: Tucson
Website: definitivDESIGN.com
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Top 10
#1: Stone Age
#2: Puerto Rico
#3: 7 Wonders
#4: Hanabi
#5: Saboteur
#6: Hansa Teutonica
#7: Russian Railroads
#8: Caylus
#9: Incan Gold
#10: Dominion
Hot 10
#1: Automobiles
#2: T.I.M.E Stories
#3: Grand Austria Hotel
#4: Zany Penguins
#5: La Granja
#6: Tokaido Collector's Edition
#7: Russian Railroads: German Railroads
#8: Unpublished Prototype
#9: Raiders of the North Sea
#10: Lewis & Clark
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