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Damien Seb. ●leoskyangel●
Bangsar & PJ
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I play games not to win, it's the gathering that's important - Thanks for the tip Cate108!
If you're wondering about my geekbadge, it says "PlayGameX2Win", which means "Play games not to win".

"I enjoy the social part of boardgaming, and love introducing boardgames to gamers and non-gamers. I believe, the joy of gaming is not about winning and gathering is what the main aim is. Okay, that's probably just superfluous, basically, I just suck at games. "

My avatar is a reminiscent of my visit to Glastonbury music festival. Hands down, my best trip ever to any music festival.

"Buy games to play, not to own"
I have a must-have habit which in the end turn out unplayed


Malaysian or not, or simply planning to visit the country, Feel free to join us if you're around! Games Got HIT, Subang Jaya - Our Weekly Board Game Session Compilation


● My longest game played was a 5-player game of Civilization (1980), the granddaddy of all Civ game in 2014. It took us 7 hours (not including explanation) to get it done
● I try to log my plays as often as I can
● My Top 10 and Hot 10 list are actually a combined Top 20 of my favourite games and designers.
● Check my wishlist and commented sections. I update them religiously. I commented games that I played. and I added (with comments) games that caught my attention in my wishlist.
● I love Ameritrash more, but nowadays, I've been playing Euro quite alot.
● My top four themes are Zombies, Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Greek Mythology.
● I love civ game.
● I prefer game that can support 5-6 players, although I know the magic number by all designers is 4.
● When buying new games, three things matter to me, theme, mechanics and good components.
● I try to buy games with mechanics or theme that I do not already own.
● I'm not trying to be a collector, I prefer to play and master my games to death.
● I love games with good quality components and artworks.
● Dixit is my highest limit to a storytelling game.
● I do not call or admit myself as a gamer.
● My family do play board games.
● I always play games with upside down board.
● I like reading rule books.
● I'd be happy forever if I don't have to throw away box inserts.
● I know that one day my wishlist/want to buy list will be out of control
● I make PnP games
● I do not rate games that I've played, I just don't


My first dive into the boardgame hobby has been with Monopoly, followed by either Risk or Mastermind, all happened when I was a kid. Monopoly was introduced by my cousins when one day they brought back a copy to our grandparents house during one of the festive season. Let's just say that majority of the sessions we played didn't go so well. Heck, to be honest, I still don't know how to play the game by the correct rule. Mastermind was taught by my neighbour who I still live beside, thank you!

Designer games were nonexistent to my knowledge at that time and my only reach were games available at the local Toys "R" us, hence my exposure to the holy trinity titles that I mentioned earlier.


I am now studying in a University and trying my best to revive my boardgame hobby for good this time. My first purchase of a designer's game was Ticket to Ride: Europe which I still have.

My initial taste in the hobby was for Ameritrash games but after years in the hobby, I have now gravitated towards euro, as clearly shown in the titles found in my collection. Euros are just a lot easier to get into, and the amount of new Euro designs that came out every month are just too much. By boardgamer standards, it's just almost impossible to overlook them.

I was a long time lurker on BGG and finally took the big step and registered myself on the site on DEC 1st, 2010. It's a huge window and there's a lot to explore but I'm ready for all the goodness.

Like every boardgamer's dream, I hope to one day visit Essen for the Spiel convention. I delved into miniature painting in the beginning of my boardgame hobby and painted Space Hulk (third edition) and Last Night on Earth: The Zombie Game. Outcome wasn't good obviously, and I'm still in the process of improving my painting skill.


● Games Purchased: 52
● Unplayed Games: 83 (not including expansions, promos)
● Games Sold or Traded: 25
● Number of Plays: 506
● Unique Games Played: 184
● Unique and New Games Played: 108


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Registration Date: 2010-12-02
Last Profile Update: 2014-12-08
Last Login: 2016-04-29
Country: flag Malaysia
Town/City: Bangsar & PJ
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Top 10
#1: Archipelago
#2: Brass
#3: Space Hulk (third edition)
#4: Snowdonia
#5: Vasco da Gama
#6: Keyflower
#7: Tinners' Trail
#8: Deep Sea Adventure
#9: Sukimono
#10: TROLL
Hot 10
#1: Nations
#2: Nexus Ops
#3: Le Havre
#4: Caylus
#5: Trajan
#6: Troyes
#7: Homesteaders
#8: Panamax
#9: Navegador
#10: Aliens: This Time It's War
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