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Dear Santa,

Thank you so much for the wonderful games. My wife and I have already tried Campaign Manager out (it was a nail-biter), and my sister and brother-in-law are coming into town for the holidays, so I'm excited for the opportunity to try out the Space Cadets expansion with them, as well as for a way to play the game with two. I was also really excited to see a copy of Baseball Highlights, which is a game I have loved the few times I've tried it out, and which I think my brother (a big baseball fan) will enjoy playing with me. Now I just need to pick up a copy of the Detroit starter team and I'm good to go.

As usual, Secret Santa has proved to be an excellent experience. I appreciate you taking the time, effort, and money to make my holidays just a little bit brighter. I will post to the geeklist ASAP, but work is keeping me pretty busy at the moment.


Dear Santa,

Thanks for writing! Many of my colleagues, friends, and family have told me repeatedly that you don't exist, but I've refused to listen, and now I have the electronic proof I need to finally quiet those nagging voices in the back of my head...

My wishlist and my collection are up to date, though I'll admit one or two games tend to slip through the cracks in my collection, their absence only being noticed months later. Some might say I have a problem, but can something so satisfying truly be a problem?

I think you'll find me easy to please this year. I would adore more games that can be played solo, as I find it increasingly difficult to get my wife to play games with me. In her defense, we just had a kid, and she's a little busy with that. Speaking of which, while it might be a while before my daughter can play games with me (I mean, age 2 probably, right?), if you know of any particularly excellent children's games they would be greatly appreciated.

In terms of favorite publishers/genres/etc...I like Feld games a lot, and there are certainly still a few of his games missing from my collection. I also like the heavier Rosenberg games a lot, particular because they tend to be good solo games. I have only played one game from the publisher "What's Your Game" (Madeira), but I enjoyed it immensely, and the rest of their recent releases look to be right up my alley.

In general, anything on my wishlist will certainly be appreciated, but if you think of anything else I might like, please don't hesitate. There's nothing greater than discovering a really awesome game you weren't already aware of.

Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to write me!

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