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Fizzgig need food badly!
Click on Fizzgig to feed him a tasty snack. Nom, Nom, Nom!

You must be really bored if you have landed here and you are reading this. Well, since you're here, feed my avatar a food snack. If you don't know Fizzgig, he is a character from the film The Dark Crystal. Fizzgig is always hungry. Just send me a geekmail and let me know what you want to give Fizzgig, and I'll be sure to add it to his past "snacks ingested" collection.

mb Solamar gave Fizzgig a cookie on 11/21/11.
mb Superkoko gave Fizzgig a hamburger on 12/18/11.
Narl gave Fizzgig some bitterballen on 12/29/11.
mb Solamar gave Fizzgig another cookie on 1/26/12.
mb ASFalcon13 gave Fizzgig some thin-crust pizza on 2/15/12.
mb stargate attempted to give Fizzgig some dubious quality ale on 2/17/12, but Fizzgig spat it back out. Even Fizzgig has standards.
mb stargate gave Fizzgig some fine wine on 2/18/12.
mb Alan Hume gave Fizzgig some pepperoni pizza on 2/20/12.
mb Alan Hume gave Fizzgig some Centurion's Ghost ale on 2/20/12.
mb Orangemoose gave Fizzgig a vegetarian breakfast burrito on 2/24/12.
mb Andy gave Fizzgig some Westmalle Trapist beer on 3/25/12.
mb Tazwell001 gave Fizzgig some potato cakes on 5/5/12.
mb tawnos76 gave Fizzgig a donut on 5/11/12.
mb Sparkles gave Fizzgig a Red Bull on 6/9/12, which caused Fizzgig to momentarily breach the light barrier in a running frenzy.
mb mbgalarneau gave Fizzgig some Maine saltwater taffy on 7/2/12.
mb goosarino gave Fizzgig some haggis on 7/3/12.
mb MIB 8686 gave Fizzgig a White Castle Belly Bomber on 7/4/12.
mb 1nf1n1ty gave Fizzgig a Barkeep's Experiment on 7/25/12, which caused Fizzgig to temporarily polymorph into a dragon.
mb Tazwell001 gave Fizzgig some bacon ice cream on 8/14/12.
mb Solamar gave Fizzgig some dried fruit and mixed nuts on 8/16/12.
mb Military Muskrat gave Fizzgig some french fries on 11/2/12.
mb chang1701 gave Fizzgig some Yerba Mate tea on 12/25/12.
mb CMG2 gave Fizzgig a cheese runza sandwich on 12/27/12.

Still bored? Check out the microbadges that I created.

Past Avatar Info: For a time I switched to K-9 being my avatar from 2013-2015. During that time other BGG users were invited to "Feed K-9 Tech" as stated on my then UberBadge. Below is the list of different technologies given to K-9 over those two years.

mb CMG2 gave K-9 an iPod Touch on 1/4/13, and K-9 can now download iOS games when bored.
mb KillerTaco gave K-9 an Flux Capacitor on 1/12/13, although K-9 still thinks a Tardis is cooler than a DeLorean.
mb OutOfHabit gave K-9 an Laser Pointer on 3/3/13, then spent the following two weeks chasing the dot around the floor.
Mad Scientist gave K-9 a bucket full of 1GB Flash Drives on 3/19/15. K-9 found the techno-dog treats quite tasty.
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Registration Date: 2011-01-07
Last Profile Update: 2015-12-17
Last Login: 2016-02-09
Country: flag United States
State: Michigan
Town/City: Westland
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#9: The Castles of Burgundy
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