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Dear Santa,

I've unpacked the gift this weekend and I love it. This is one of those games that I wanted to buy for a long time but never pulled the trigger on. Thanks for bringing us a lot of hours of enjoyment!

Dear Santa,

Today I received the donation postcard for The Goat

Excellent choice of a worthy cause and thanks again for doing this!


Dear Santa,

just posted your gift on the received gifts geeklist:
Item for Geeklist "2015 Edition of Look What My Secret Santa Sent Me... (10th Anniversary Edition)"


Dear Santa,

received a mysterious package yesterday:

My wife already took a peek and apparently it's something she wants to play as well (score) and she says it was high on my wishlist (double score)
Now the agonizing wait starts before I can open it, but I'm excited. Thanks for the present Santa!


Dear Santa,

looking forward to receiving my gift. My wife will probably have a sneak peak so she knows what not to buy but I'll wait at least until 06/12 (Sinterklaas).

As for your second present, an excellent choice. I also donate on a regular basis to several non-profit organisations, so a donation in my name is appreciated

Thanks for sharing the giving spirit and keep and eye on my profile in the next weeks for updates.

Merry Christmas, Happy Sinterklaas



Dear Santa,

thank you for your geekmail, a pleasant surprise indeed. I hope you will enjoy your first international experience
I understand that you and the elves are busy this time of the year, so don't worry about that. We'll talk again when you have more time.



Dear Santa,

Thanks for looking at my profile. If you're looking for what I like, just look at my wishlist. You cannot go wrong with everything marked 1 or 2. Feel free to send me a Santa geekmail but above all, enjoy this time of the year!

Also, don't want to spend a ton on shipping? Check Belgium on BGG 2015 Secret Santa Preferred Stores.



About me: vlogger and reviewer on the YouTube channel doesitplay, rules explainer in our boardgame club and a geek in general


For the mathtraders, a few pics of me:


* Recently played *


* PnP Games waiting line + Work in Progress *

Red means that I'm busy making that game. The rest are games that I would like to make and play, in alphabetical order.

* (Your Name Here) and the Argonauts
* 8-Bit Invaders
* Aether Captains !
* Airborne in my Pocket !
* Alien Ascendancy
* Aliens: This Time it's War
* Arcade Road Maker
* Arkham Express !
* Bibliogamo !
* Carcass-Zone
* City of Guilds
* Cyber Clash
* Dawn of the Dead
* Dead of Night
* Deadly Harmony - In Progress
* Deep Space Disaster
* Dune Ilya 77 !
* Dune Express
* DUNE: Return to the Sietch
* Dungeon Plungin' !
* Elves Under Hoof
* Flickago
* Free Trader + expansions - almost finished: need to cut cards to right size
* Frontline General: Italian Campaign Introduction - in progress: a lot of work left
* Fungibility
* Get to the Chopper
* Goblin Slayer !
* Höyük
* Infection Express !
* Inspector Moss 2: House Arrest !
* InterSpace !
* Island Of D 2: The Shadow of Dawn
* Island Trader
* It's All Chinese to Me
* Kingdom of Heroes
* Kingdoms - in progress: only printed out
* The Legend of Robin Hood
* Lord of the Rings: the adventure deck game
* Magic Realm Redesign
* Medieval Manor
* Medieval Manor
* Mountain Climber
* Napoleon at Waterloo
* Phobos
* Pirates & Plunder
* Pocket Civ !
* Pocket Pro Golf !
* Punch
* Rallytaire
* Ringmaster !
* RoboDerby Express + expansion !
* Route Z
* Shadows Upon Lassadar !!
* Shadows Upon Lassadar: Sorrow of Salilth !!
* Smash Monster Rampage
* Splut !
* Sword and Sail
* The haunted mansion
* The Thing + expansion
* Wiz-War
* Zaibatsu
* Zed Force
* Zombie Plague - Done
* Zombie Plague - Canisters
* Zombie Plague - Crawlers
* Zombie Plague - The Cellar
* Zombie Plague - Twitchers

Want to see the PnP games I already have ? Go to my collection and search for PnP in the comments.


Hey everybody, I'm folding for team GeekDo. join the fight devil


Couldn't help myself, I just had to take the nerd test:

Version 2:


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