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Last update: Feb, 2011.

Discovered Eurogames in early 2009 (why did it take me so long?!) and have been an aspiring hardcore gamer geek ever since. I love economic games. I love auctions. I love Euros. I love teaching any game I can play and getting new gamers to love them.

As I've mostly had to buy the games I want to try, my collection is well loved one, but far too small. I'm frustrated that I've still only played a small handful of boardgames, so I'm always, always, ALWAYS looking to learn/play new ones and check off classics/favorites off my list.

And yes, I get to play games with my husband! He is the master strategist and he kicks my butt. But, please note, *I* introduced him to board gaming. Ahem.

Currently, my weekly gaming group is with a bunch of kids! I've had so much fun turning them into little gamers and watching them enjoy and improve. So much fun! I've made a geeklist detailing the games we've played, the variants used (if any) and how they have worked for us

I seriously can't wait to have children of our own, teach them games from the time they are itty bitty and be a self-sufficient gaming group.

My Top 10 are my favorites out of the handful of games I have tried and my Hot 10 are the games I am currently obsessing over and waiting for immediate opportunity to try or re-play.

Besides board-gaming, (or before board-gaming) my other interests include(d) swing dancing (Lindy Hopping), personality typing, psychology, psychoanalyzing people and relationships, music (playing piano, singing, listening etc), cooking, teaching everything I know, and writing/blogging (and adding as many parentheses I can into every sentence I write).

Games on my immediate "Must try" list (in person or on BSW):

Puerto Rico
Power Grid
Princes of Florence
Traders of Genoa
Chicago Express
Reef Encounter
Le Havre
Age of Steam
Modern Art
Hera & Zeus
Tigris & Euphrates
Lord of the Rings
Thurn & Taxis
Stephenson's Rocket
Through the Desert
El Grande
Great Wall of China
Catan: Cities & Knights
Louis XIV
Race for the Galaxy
Through the Ages
Taj Mahal
Dungeon Lords
World Without End
Hansa Teutonica
... and lots more.

Wanna play?
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Top 10
#1: The Princes of Florence
#2: Imperial
#3: In the Year of the Dragon
#4: Le Havre
#5: Dominion
#6: Catan: Cities & Knights
#7: Acquire
#8: Santiago
#9: Ra
Hot 10
#1: Dominant Species
#2: 7 Wonders
#3: A Game of Thrones: The Board Game (Second Edition)
#4: The Rivals for Catan
#5: Agricola
#6: Domaine
#7: Tichu
#8: Amun-Re
#9: Chicago Express
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