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Frank Feldmann
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Moving my blog to sofrankly.com!
Recent plays:

While I have always loved games, I had not played regularly in years. I got back into the hobby at the end of 2007.

The first games I remember playing regularly was Monopoly - solo. I played solo Monopoly by pitting different strategies against each other, until I was a pretty good player. My sister and brother are several years older, and I really couldn't get them to play much of anything. (My brother - 15 years older - stopped playing chess with me when I started beating him regularly.) My dad would play Yahtzee with me, but I am pretty sure that it was because I had to work my math skills.

My seventh grade teacher introduced me to hex based wargames, and a friend of mine and I split a subscription to S&T magazine. I ended up with a couple of games out of it, Napoleon's Art of War: Eylau and Dresden and Berlin '85: The Enemy at the Gates, but never could get anyone to play. This is also about the time my chess "habit" started.

I played a lot of D&D in college (1982-1987) while at U of Dayton using the Rolemaster system. Friends from home and I got together twice a month and played one of three milieus we had going, one of which was mine. None of us had a lot of time for GM'ing, so we took turns. A lot of nights we ended up playing in an adventure that went like this, "We walk into the bar and I insult the bouncer - brawl ensues." And off we went.

Played a lot of chess once out of college, mainly by mail, but ran out of time for ongoing games. In February 2009 I started our school's chess club. It is going well with eight regular attendees. We are covering various topics, trying to improve their game.

In 2011 ago I started a family and casual boardgaming blog. I have since moved it to a more memorable name. It can be found at:




I have stopped recording plays on expansions, I only record plays for the base game.

PPS: This is my criteria for rating games:

10 - I have loved these games for a long time. I expect to always love them. If I am ever forced to live in a retirement community with a closet for a room, I will make sure I somehow have a copy of these games with me.

9 - Games I love, and are always a top consideration for every gaming opportunity. Expect to always enjoy this game, though I have or could get temporarily burned out on them. I frequently look for opportunities to play this game, and may set up special sessions to get it on the table.

8 - These are games I always enjoy, and I will always look for opportunities to play them. They are extremely good games.

7 - These are good, solid games. I most often enjoy them, and will suggest them regularly.

6 - Better than average games rate a 6. I will sometimes suggest them, and will always play if someone suggests it.

5 - So-so games. I generally won't suggest them, but will probably play if someone else suggests it.

4 - I won't suggest these games, but I can tolerate playing them every great once in a while.

3 - Boring. Avoid these games. Only played with a gun to my head.

2 - Has a significant flaw which seriously affects gameplay for me. Run away!

1 - Clearly broken beyond repair.

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#8: Fury of Dracula (second edition)
#9: War of the Ring (first edition)
#10: Chess
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#1: Fury of Dracula (second edition)
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