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Andrew Swan
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The Basics

I'm software developer in my 50s with a partner who occasionally plays games and two trainee gamers (a.k.a. children). I like cycling, of which I do a fair bit, and snowboarding, of which I do very little. My Myers-Briggs personality type is INTJ. Here's my nerd score (N.B. despite what the graphic says, clicking it does nothing):


My avatar is Vice-Admiral Sir John Collins. I chose him because he's an illustrious Aussie naval officer, as I once was (except without the illustrious bit), and also because my Navy nickname was "Admiral". Also, I've just realised he wrote the foreword to my Dad's book.


My Übergeekbadge is the ribbon from my Defence Service Medal, the first and probably the last medal I'll get from my country (unless I do something unexpectedly brave or they start handing them out for excellence in Java).

Known Aliases

"Admiral" on BrettSpielWelt
"Andrew Swan" (duh) on the Brass website
"Hakucho" on Yucata
"Hakucho" on Game Table Online

Gaming Preferences

Things I like in a game include (in no particular order):
thumbsup hexes (as in A Victory Lost)
thumbsup economic engines (as in Saint Petersburg)
thumbsup narrative (as in Runebound: Sands of Al-Kalim)
thumbsup immersion (as in Runebound (Second Edition))
thumbsup puzzles (as in Ricochet Robots)
thumbsup history (esp. WWII, as in Advanced Squad Leader: Starter Kit #1)
thumbsup miniatures (as in HeroQuest)
thumbsup exploration (as in Tikal)
thumbsup theme (esp. fantasy and space)
thumbsup word skills (as in Typo)
thumbsup humming (as in Humm Bug)
thumbsup nice bits (as in Tigris & Euphrates)
thumbsup tech trees & civ building (as in Age of Renaissance)

Things I prefer a game not to have:
thumbsdown negotiation (as in A Game of Thrones (first edition))
thumbsdown "take that" (as in Löwenherz)
thumbsdown dexterity (as in Villa Paletti)
thumbsdown memorisation (e.g. card counting), unless it's the main game mechanism as in Mamma Mia!, for example
thumbsdown excessive luck or chaos (as in Kill Doctor Lucky)
thumbsdown player elimination (as in Dungeoneer: Tomb of the Lich Lord, unless it's a filler such as Coda)

Hopefully the above rules of thumb (tee hee) are reflected in:

my Top 10 (the 10 games I like best):

my Hot 10 (games I want to try)

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Registration Date: 2003-12-26
Last Profile Update: 2015-08-11
Last Login: 2016-05-05
Country: flag Australia
State: NSW
Town/City: Randwick
Website: http://www.andrewswan.com
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Top 10
#1: Le Havre
#2: Brass
#3: Power Grid
#4: Steam
#5: Combat Commander: Pacific
#6: Tigris & Euphrates
#7: Caylus
#8: Fresh Fish
#9: Conflict of Heroes: Storms of Steel! – Kursk 1943
#10: Dominion: Dark Ages
Hot 10
#1: Alchemists
#2: Panamax
#3: Shipyard
#4: Runebound: Sands of Al-Kalim
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