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I'm an Hawaii-born American illustrator/graphic designer currently living abroad in Shandong, China. I'm into anything that lets me be creative, and love exploring new art forms. That includes both visual and audio arts, though I don't care to call myself a real musician. To see some of my design work you can peruse my Tumblr and Flickr, and this is my Twitter. To see some snippets of what life in China is like, check out my Vimeo series "Life in the Middle".



HEXICA is the labor of over 1,000 hours of design, testing, retesting, tweaking, and polishing. The goal in designing HEXICA was to build a game that would feel similar to real-time strategy computer games that we love, games like Age of Empires and Starcraft. We also wanted a game that would attract both experienced gamers and newer, casual players. So we needed a system that wasn't too difficult to understand, and we spent countless sessions making the visuals, the denominations, and the charts intuitive, logical, and instantly understandable. At the same time, we still insisted that skill reign over luck in 9 out of 10 situations.

Another goal was to make a game that never felt like it was swaying in one player's favor so predictably that other players would give up. So we did need some element of chance, or at least a way for underdogs to jump back into the fray. In the end, although we incorporated a few chance elements, the game is still very skill-oriented, with a special importance placed on being familiar with the systems cards used in the game so as to predict, interpret, and intercept opponents' actions.

The First Edition of the game is handmade by myself and the game's co-designer, and it has been an incredible challenge to bring all the elements together. This being our first game, we hit lots of walls, nearly gave up a few times, but pushed through in the end. The result has been a game which is testing very well with the groups that first played it, and we're planning to launch a Kickstarter to produce a formal run of Second Edition games once the first run sells out.

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