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Brian Stevenson
United States
Castle Rock
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Well, I'm a varied gamer that likes everything from party games, to longer strategy to dexterity games. Really, there's not a game I would say no to if there's good company to play with.

I live in Castle Rock, Colorado with my beautiful wife Deanna and my crazy dog, Sawyer. I work repairing band instruments in a local music shop and restore older instruments to donate to local schools that can't afford enough for the kids that want to play.

I write a lot of reviews, and the majority of my time on BGG is spent trying to find trades for the stuff I don't play anymore, and find good auction deals to find the couple of other games I really want. I keep my "herd" of games pretty well thinned so I don't have a lot of games that I'd probably never play.

I'm the creator of a game review website: www.gamesoverboard.com We do video reviews, blogging, and written reviews. It's a collaboration between myself and about 6 other friends, and we generally rotate who's in the video each week. It's a ton of fun, and a TON of work to keep it going. Nothing really amazing has come of it yet, but we've received a lot of kind words here on BGG and it's a labor of love.

I can't think of a better way to spend time with friends and family than around a gaming table. The best conversations, jokes, and memories are based on gaming for me.


I've updated my wishlist on the Geek here, so I should be good to go. That being said I've been really busy this last year and couldn't keep up with new releases. I literally have no idea what came out at Essen. SO......if you think of something that;s not on my list that you think I'd love, don't hesitate to take liberties and run with it. Thanks and MERRY CHRISTMAS!
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Registration Date: 2007-02-17
Last Profile Update: 2011-11-15
Last Login: 2015-12-26
Country: flag United States
State: Colorado
Town/City: Castle Rock
Website: www.gamesoverboard.com
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Top 10
#1: Galaxy Trucker
#2: Le Havre
#3: Dominion
#4: Space Alert
#5: Crokinole
#6: Time's Up!
#7: Pandemic
#8: Railways of the World
#9: Power Struggle
#10: Tobago
Hot 10
#1: Dungeon Lords
#2: Tobago
#3: Power Grid: Factory Manager
#4: Railways of Europe
#5: Shipyard
#6: Chicago Express
#7: Factory Fun
#8: Dixit
#9: Mr. Jack
#10: Container
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