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Although it looks like I'm new to the Geek, I was a fairly long-time member over a year or so ago (aka grimstuff). I decided to delete my account, took a hiatus, and am now back, hopefully "new and improved."

One of my goals is to focus more on the GAMES and less on EVERYTHING ELSE.

In so doing, I want to write a review for every game in my collection. Which will, of course, force me to actually play every game in my collection. No small feat, since a few years ago you could say I was a game-opener and game-rules-reader instead of a gamer. So my second goal is to live up to actually being a GAMER.

Now a bit about reviews: I can't stand it when a review has all this great analysis and then boils down to a rating of, say, 8.3, or 77.9. In other words, reviews that contain valuable QUALITATIVE analysis but then conclude with a QUANTITATIVE synthesis of that analysis are missing the point.

I've done a little bit of original research in academia, and one thing I started learning was knowing when a situation called for qualitative or quantitative analysis. And board game reviews, my friend, should not be in the latter category. Sure, it's easier to scroll down to the bottom of the article and see a "7 star" rating and then move on, but you'd be cheating yourself (and the writer... and the game designer) if you didn't at least follow up a little more thoroughly on why you were initially drawn to the review, what you were looking for, and why the person assigned that particular number.

All reviews are inherently a qualitative analysis, but most reviewers feel the need to translate those opinions into numbers. But it's a step that simply does not need to be taken. Because the only true measure of how a game plays is whether YOU enjoy playing it or not. If I tell you why I liked playing it, that qualitative data might be relevant to you. But translating my opinions into numbers will lose so much of that data in the process that the outputs will be largely meaningless. And when you realize that there are as many different coding metrics as there are people on this site, you really get the sense of something futile going on.

So this is why I will never rate my games as part of reviews. It just misses the point, and I don't want to encourage that.

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