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Joseph Hayden
United States
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Hello, and welcome to my BGG profile. I have been a registered user around here since July 2007. At first I was using the site to research the games I was seeing at my FLGS. Now I am finding myself spending entirely too much time here. Darn Geeklists....Can't Stop!!!

I first started gaming with my mom. She worked at a local toy store, which carried a ton of Ravensburger games. Labyrinth was my introduction to non traditional games. Mom and I still play games when I visit. She is a big fan of The Castles of Burgundy, Suburbia, and Empire Builder. Fortunately I also have a game group that is willing to try most anything I put in front of them. My wife is supportive of my hobby, and she is usually willing to try out whatever I pick up. Her only flat refusal has been Last Night on Earth: The Zombie Game.

I enjoy getting out to the conventions when I can. You can usually find me at Old Dominion Military Society's Guns of August, and Williamsburg Muster conventions in August and February in Williamsburg, Va. I have also had great fun at the Richmond Boardgamers' Dollar Con in Richmond, Va. PrezCon in Charlottesville, VA is another convention I cannot recommend enough, tons of fun. I would love to make it to GenCon, WBC, Origins, and BGG Con one day.

I have a strong interest in wargames. I am partial to WWII tactical level games such as Combat Commander: Europe, Conflict of Heroes: Storms of Steel! – Kursk 1943. I have also picked up Advanced Squad Leader: Starter Kit #1 to start wetting my feet in the ASL system. After reading Nelson at Trafalgar I have become fascinated with age of sail and Flying Colors has scratched that itch nicely. Ultimately though my tastes are all over the place as I also have games on ancient warfare, WWI, Vietnam, and modern conflicts. On the Neo-Grog quiz (found here) I scored a 10, traditionalist. My interest in wargaming has also sparked a drive to read as much history as I can.

As of 10/18/14 I have begun logging my plays. I am not sure yet if it is worth the effort, but I will try it out for a while to see if it will tell me anything interesting. Update: 11/11/15 I have been logging plays for a year now, and it has provided some useful information, so I am likely to continue.

Outside of board gaming I have become an avid golfer. I had enjoyed playing when I was in high school, and on occasion over the following decade. But after a golf excursion trip to Myrtle Beach I have become thoroughly hooked. I finally broke under 100 (my best so far is a 96). I am working at keeping a nasty slice under control.

Christmas 2010: I participated in the Wargamers Secret Santa. My very generous Santa Grogs got me Hammer of the Scots. Thank you Santa Grogs.

Christmas 2011: I participated in the Wargamers Secret Santa again. Once again I had a great time. My Santa Grogs was kind enough to send me Combat Commander: Battle Pack #4 – New Guinea and another game to be opened on Christmas day. After Christmas morning I found the wrapped present to be Combat Commander: Resistance!. A big thank you to my 2011 Santa Grogs.

Christmas 2012: Once again I participated in the Wargamers Secret Santa. This year Santa Grogs sent me Rommel in the Desert, and Nothing Gained But Glory. I really enjoy these gift exchanges and will definitely keep participating in them in the years to come. Thank you for the generosity Santa Grogs.

Christmas 2013: This year I participated in the site wide Secret Santa in addition to the Wargamers Secret Santa. My Santa Grogs sent me Storm Over Stalingrad, A Victory Denied, and Chariots of Fire. My Secret Santa, who was from Ukraine, sent me Terra Mystica, and Dominion: Guilds. Thank you to the generous BGGers who where my Santas this year.

Christmas 2014: This year I only participated in the site wide Secret Santa. Once again I am amazed by the generosity of the users on this site. My secret Santa got me Suburbia Inc and Marvel Legendary Villains. Truly excellent choices that I was very happy to see in the box. I can only hope that my secret Santa was luck enough to have a secret Santa as generous.

Christmas 2015: I participated in the site wide Secret Santa again this year. Once again I had a blast. This year Santa hit it out of the park with Kanban: Automotive Revolution, picking it right off the very top of my wishlist. A big thank you to the generosity of this years Santa.

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Registration Date: 2007-07-27
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#1: Combat Commander: Europe
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