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William McCarroll
United States
Bel Air
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Check out my reviews at www.nerdbloggers.com
About Me:

In my spare time I write board game reviews and editorials for the website www.nerdbloggers.com (check us out, we love new visitors!)

I also post most of my reviews to The Geek as well, and you can follow them by subscribing to my review geeklist: HeZkeZl's Game Review Spectacular!

In my professional life, I am a senior level video game programmer who specializes in networking console games. I've been doing this for over 11 years now, and I really love it. I'm currently working for wargaming.net bringing World of Tanks to the XBOX 360.

I've been playing games of some sort for as long as I can remember. I have early memories of the long hallway in my childhood home that tempted me with a large beckoning door at its end. Opening the door revealed such treasures as Acquire, Twixt, Executive Decision, and many other games in the 3M bookshelf line. I did not know how to play these games, but I remember opening them, and handling the components like exotic treasures.

I played mostly kids games: Mystery Mansion, Clue, The MAD Magazine Game (Any game that had a One-Million-Three-Hundred-Twenty-Nine-Thousand-Sixty-Three dollar bill was pretty awesome at that age.)

During Jr. High School I started to branch out into Role-Playing Games and more "advanced" board games like Talisman. My best friend and I wrote our own science fiction roleplaying game as a class project, and handed it to a thoroughly nonplussed teacher.

My interest in games blossomed from there, through High School, and into young adulthood I continued to play RPGs (RIFTS, Palladium, Robotech, D&D), and even the occasional Vampire LARP (we will not speak of this again).

I started shifting from RPGs to board games in 2000, after the birth of my first daughter, and haven't looked back since.
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