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Whats gone before:
At age 12 I received my first strategy wargame. Waterloo (AH). Fighting for control of the dinner table rapidly got old. So I recruited a friend with a spare bedroom to play in. We even started a club. That is where I met real grognards. Scary even back then!wow

One thing led to another and before you know it we were re-living the history across eras, and exploring what if and why in contemporary times.

Panzerblitz, Cityfight, CV, Firefight, WiE, Wellingtons Victory, TRC you name it.

Then life took over and most of my games were disposed of, or lost in over a dozen moves of house and home, across countries and states.

As an avid history reader, I had always wanted to dig into the Ancient History of our world. Herodotus, Livy, Plutarch etc are littered with conflicts and descriptions of events including battles. It struck me that I had not seen a military simulation in 20 yrs! This reading spurred me to reconnect with gaming after so long.

Now I record my efforts: right here in Photo Essay AAR format, video format and other creative ways.

Most images end up here: http://bigboard.tumblr.com/archive

With a small handful of people we publish regular AARs. We all write what we like, how we want and hopefully some of it will be of interest to you.

You can find TheBigBoard @ Google+ and Facebook

The Big Board is also the home of the first ever play by poll wargame blogging effort, where you are the Armchair General. Participate by voting on command decisions for the forces involved. Recent battles include the Battle for Leros and Austerlitz, Patrol and CV!

Games have changed a lot, the classics...are still classics, but my brain is challenged and thrilled by many of the newer games I have begun buying.

Now I enjoy some creative writing mixed into AARs, and some stop motion videos of what transpires while the boards on the table.

My 3 sons are interested in games to a small degree, we are eagerly awaiting the aha moment!

I'm looking forward to this becoming a hobby I can share with my family.
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