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I have loved boardgames since I was a child. I enjoyed checkers tremendeously and also a game called Uusi Finanssi (new finance) was great. I doubt that it has any replay value anymore. I have to admit that I loved Afrikan tähti too. Well I am a finn and that is the best boardgame in my country.

Actually I think that Uusi Finanssi is the best finnish boardgame, but most part of the finns would say that Afrikan tähti is the best. Maybe they don't know anything else. Because of the higher level of complexity I could say that Uusi Finanssi is better than Monopoly. Not a real merit though. And as I checked from the internet I now know that Uusi Finanssi is a swedish game. Dough!

My first encounter with "eurogames" was Scotland Yard. It's still playable and great fun. I think it's best played with four. I used to play it usually with just two players. Then it becomes more logical. But not necessary worse than with 4. Besides abstract games I didn't play boardgames for maybe 10 years. Last year I joined Tyrmä. A game society in the university of Turku. They have quite extensive game library including roleplaying- and boardgames. I have been trying to expand my game group this year. Now there's enough people to play Diplomacy!

I am still interested of the world of economics. Well I am studying mathematics at the moment but I guess I'll study some economics too. I am not very good in mathemtics. Atleast half of the mathematics majors are better than I am. But I accept myself anyway. Other academic interests include philosophy, psychology and social science.

I also love to play chess and othello. Well it's possible that Go is best game for two people. After few games I seem to enjoy Go more and more. It's highly addictive. Or maybe in the end Chess or Othello is the game for two. Ingenious is fun but maybe not the game for two. From the new games I prefer Caylus as heavy two player game and San Juan is one of the best light games for 2-3 players.

I am now running a gameclub in the Turku main library. It's called Stoorin pelikerho. It's a game club for everyone and we don't charge any fees. We play on every tuesday 16-20. Then we have heavy sundays every second week 12-18. Heavy sunday is dedicated to a single game. On tuesdays we play shorter games. Stoori has own guild here in BGG and also a forum at the site of Finnish Boardgame Association. You can find more information from there.

If someone is from the geek comes to Turku and wants to play a boardgame I'll try to arrange something. You can contact me by geekmail. I think that the more people the more fun.

Welcome to play!
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