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Dan Cepeda
United States
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First of all, it's pronounced "eden." It started as an experiment to see how many different letters I could use to write my name, using sound-parts from various different languages. I'm not a linguist by practice, or hobby, so it's not exact. It started with Dagnjokl (silent g, "y"-sounding j, silent k.) Then I went Dhagnjokl and added in a silent h. I may have made it longer, but I liked the look of that one. Well, one day I was in an rpg and needed a character name. I decided I liked the look of my "name" that I'd created, but didn't want to introduce my character as "Daniel." So I tacked an "e" on the front and called him Edhagn (Pronounced "eden.") Then I decided to make that even more interesting, and turned the "E" into "Ii," because it seems like there may be some word in some language with an "ii" pronounced as an "e." And I through an "e" after the a, and wrote it as æ because I like how it looks. And that's how I got Iidhaegn. (The first "i" is lowercase, because I thought it would automatically capitalize it when I signed up and for whatever reason, I was being lazy that day.)
------End User Name Explanation------

My name is Daniel Cepeda. I've been a gamer as long as I've had anything to say about it. The earliest game I remember being intrigued with was Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Graphic Adventure. Some of my other earlier games were Blood Bowl (Second Edition), Fantasy Forest, and Elixir. (Not counting all of my experiences with the mass market games, like Candy Land, Monopoly, Risk, etc.)

I remember all my life being into video games, starting with Atari, NES, and eventually the Game Boy. It was around this point in my life (11?) that I got into CCG's. I'd played some Magic: The Gathering, but, despite my interest, I had no means of acquiring it for myself. Soon I would discover Star Wars Customizable Card Game, a game my parents found more "suitable" for someone my age, and my collection grew. From there I got into Dune CCG (barely, but with a sizable collection), 7th Sea Collectible Card Game, and, naturally Magic: The Gathering. One day I would also come to own some WoW cards, and one day I would discover the living card game. (I have owned and traded away Cthulhu LCG and am beginning my journey into the magical world of Game of Thrones LCG.)

It was sometime before my entry into LCG's and after my thorough enjoyment of WoW that I was introduced to "modern" board games. It all started with a role playing group that I helped form. One day we realized that RPG's took time and a willing GM. That was when one of our guys brought Catan. (Sound familiar?) Now I have the glorious collection that I have, and have even begun TRADING games with other users!!!

I don't know how you found me, but I don't care. The important thing is that I'm Daniel, and I'm a gamer.


P.S. Don't kick the gnomes!!

P.P.S. Top 10 are my favorites (right now) and Hot 10 are my immediate wishlist (vice my "wishlist" which are games that I want but probably will not buy myself any time in the very near future). I'm also open to trading, so send me your requests.
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Registration Date: 2008-06-25
Last Profile Update: 2012-11-08
Last Login: 2016-05-02
Country: flag United States
State: Arizona
Town/City: Anthem
Website: http://iidhaegnspoems.blogspot.com
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Steam Account: LanguiDude
Battle.Net Account: LanguiDude@gmail.com
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Wishlist   38
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4 3   (1.0%)
3 1   (0.3%)
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Top 10
#1: Android: Netrunner
#2: Dominant Species
#3: Cosmic Encounter
#4: The Battle for Hill 218
#5: Mage Wars Arena
#6: Munchkin
#7: Arkham Horror
#8: Battle Line
#9: Age of Empires III: The Age of Discovery
#10: Small World
Hot 10
#1: Merchant of Venus (second edition)
#2: War of the Ring (second edition)
#3: Star Wars: The Card Game
#4: Small World Underground
#5: Small World Realms
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