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I'm Paul, and I play games. I also design games, but nothing I've ever put to paper had a chance of selling more than a few hundred copies, so all my ideas are in a trash can. Maybe someday.

I started a guild, number 2155, where we discuss Kickstarter campaigns and ways to make a few bucks. Come join us! (Well, come join me. It is lonely. Other than starting it I have put no thought or time into it.)

My avatar is Uncle Si Robertson, the funniest guy on Duck Dynasty. Uncle Si knows three things. 'Nam. Pizza. And Board Games too apparently.

I will play, anytime, any game I rank a 10. As of June 2013, there are about 60 of them. I will also try any game in the BGG top 200. All other games require being in the right mood or right situation. For example, I would not want to play Santiago with three or four players, but I would always play it with five.

Likes: Trying any game once (except Looney Labs games), F2F gaming, Laptop computers, Sore Losers, Sugar (solid or liquid), Vocabulary words

Dislikes: Electronic gaming, Owned unplayed games, Malodorous opponents, Slow play, Really slow play, Excessively slow play, Desktop computers, Sore Losers, Anybody who uses a cell phone repeatedly during a game, Derailing any of my threads with off-topic crap - start your own thread please

Habit 1: I actively avoid drinking from plastic containers, but I do it when I have to - gimme a Mason jar

Habit 2: I'm opinionated about games and I talk too much, so tell me to shut up (you have my permission)

Habit 3: I have only 4 ratings for games, because I think having ten ratings is ridiculous. If your ratings generally correspond to mine, then you can be reasonably sure that my advice will help you pick good new games to play.

1 = I won't buy it and I won't play it. If your tastes are anything like mine, I recommend you do the same. There are SO many good and great games out there now that wasting your time on bland or unpolished or outdated or inferior or poorly designed games isn't worth it. Gaming time is limited. I think we should use it wisely.

4 = I will rarely buy one of these. I will play somebody else's copy. Games that I rate a 4 are worth playing either once in a while or only under specific conditions. For example, I own Farkle because my extended family likes to play. I own Fistful of Penguins because my kids like the pieces. I rate both a 4.

7 = Solid game worth owning. If none of your friends has this game, and it is a game that you and your friends would play, then you should consider getting it.

10 = Unless copies are everywhere, or some other good reason keeps you from this game (very expensive, can't get it to the table, etc.), buy this game NOW and play it often. It is a great game which you should not miss.
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