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Ian Zernechel
United States
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Hello and welcome to a bunch of information you don't need, could care little about and will probably forget once you've moved beyond this page.

I'm willing to play just about everything, but seem to favor Euro's. Despite a recent rise in 2 player games I still prefer and spend the majority of my gaming in 4 player groups. I tend to vary my gaming with small groups, the club, occasional conventions, and a few larger gettogethers. I haven't done much war gaming, but am not unwilling.

I am a member of CABS (Columbus Area Boardgaming Society).

Notice to Traders: At this point I'm usually looking to swap more then 1 game in a trade. I have found that after $8-10 shipping the price break makes it hard feel I'm getting value out of a game I could often get for $20-25. Why not just keep it and have more, right? Eh.. Anyway, I am happy to trade for games not on my list, I may just not have noticed them before, feel free to offer. Of course, if you are local, I'll even trade card games.

My ratings: I don't really enjoy typing my thoughts in for every game I rate, I know I should, we'll see. I intend to go back and rerate everything on a 1 (drek) to 10 (excellent) scale. This will let me rate games a bit more in-line with how I feel they reflect my own enjoyment which is slightly different from the BGG rating scale. I can't imagine anyone caring.

For anyone looking for me, yes, I used to run an on-line PBEM game by the name of Phoenix. It has folded and I don't expect to bring it back again - it simply ate up too much of my life and the profits were, well, less then the costs. Also, it interferred with my ability to continue designing, which is what I really enjoy.
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Registration Date: 2004-09-20
Last Profile Update: 2010-06-07
Last Login: 2016-02-09
Country: flag United States
State: Ohio
Town/City: Dublin
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Top 10
#1: Puerto Rico
#2: The Princes of Florence
#3: In the Year of the Dragon
#4: Roads & Boats
#5: Railways of Europe
#6: Trias
#7: Caylus
#8: Trajan
#9: Antiquity
#10: El Grande
Hot 10
#1: Hanabi
#2: Splendor
#3: Codenames
#4: Castles of Mad King Ludwig
#5: Orléans
#6: Specter Ops
#7: Rococo
#8: The Castles of Burgundy
#9: Ticket to Ride Map Collection: Volume 1 – Team Asia & Legendary Asia
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