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James Ludlow
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Saint Louis Park
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I wrote this for myself. I didn't advertise it, but I didn't keep it secret either. A few hundred people use it to push interesting game auctions into their RSS news feeds. If you get some use out of it, feel free to let me know.

About my games played:

I started tracking games on January 1, 2006. Some of the games that I have rated show zero or few plays, because I played them in 2005 or earlier. I couldn't even begin to guess how many games of Settlers I've knocked out over the last decade, but my list shows zero, because it just hasn't hit the table in a long while.

Top 10
Not exactly the same as my top rated games. I use the suggested "how often do you really want to play this" criterion when assigning rating numbers. My Top 10 list is roughly the same, but with more weight given to superior game design.

Hot 10
Games that haven't quite made it into play rotation yet, but are close.

My Wishlist
There's nothing on my wishlist that I don't actually want. I use it to track games which I'm researching. Games enter the list at "4" meaning that I have an interest but have more to read. As they move toward 1, it simply means I've researched the game more. Games which don't make the cut are simply removed. "5" is reserved for games which have some potentially game breaking strategy or other unknown which would disqualify the game from my list.

Re: My Geek Buddy List
If I know you in person, but haven't added you to my geek buddy list it doesn't mean that I hate you. I only add people who meet both of the following criteria.

1. They have well defined likes and dislikes in games, usually matching my own. For example, clearclaw is my list because he is crystal clear on why he hates some of my favorite games, so I can use him as a negative barometer when researching economic snowball engine games. (i.e. If he hates it, I should add it to my research list.) On the flip side, clearclaw and I also share very similar tastes in the Winsome / 18xx train game realm.

2. They write many in-depth comments on a wide range of games. Geek buddy analysis the first thing I look at when I see a new game. If enough people who share my tastes are panning a game it gets disqualified immediately. The important part here is that the comments are detailed enough to explain why a game is great or terrible.

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Registration Date: 2005-02-21
Last Profile Update: 2014-10-15
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State: Minnesota
Town/City: Saint Louis Park
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