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My name is Jack Atkinson, but my friends and family call my "Jay". I was born in Alabama, grew up mostly in Georgia, and now reside back in North Alabama where I went to college (UAH). There I graduated with both Bachelor's and Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering. Even though I spent a few years working as a consultant and contractor, so I could work from home near my family, I now currently work full time again as an employee. It was too stressful running the business, working on hourly rate, and adapting to the change in software development process that required me to be back in town more often. The stress definitely impacted my family in the negative way.

As a kid and all the way up through college years, I was an avid computer gamer from the days of Pong & Atari 2600 to C64's and then PC's. I did play a few board games off and on, but most didn't hold my interest for very long. I remember playing Bridge a lot with my grandparents, because they belonged to a club and played regularly. I never could get into Monopoly and I played The Game of Life until I was about sick of it. Chess seemed too boring to me for some reason, even though I like strategy, so I never took the time to excel at it.

My earliest computer game favorites were Sid Meier's games from Microprose such as Gunship, Airborne Ranger, Stealth Fighter, and Pirates. I also played this gem of an adventure game called Legacy of the Ancients on the C64. I also played a lot of SSI's D&D games because of the small group tactics involved. When I got into college, a friend introduced me to Sid Meier's Civilization, and I was instantly hooked on that game. I also used to play lots of other RTS games and simulations. I played a few first person shooters, but for some reason they never really held my interest for long. If I wanted "first-person", it was a simulator.

About the time I entered graduate school is when I became a Christian. God convicted me greatly of how much time I was wasting playing these computer games and the money I was throwing away. The most convicting part was probably my lack of social life and relationships through this period. So, I didn't game at all, but focused more on my relationship with God, and it has been nothing but blessings.

I'm now married with an extremely awesome wife since 2001! The Lord led me to her after I committed to no longer date and asked the Lord for help. He came through. We were married almost from six months from the day we met. We both had prayed and believed it was God's will for us to get married, so we started our relationship headed for marriage not to "try each other out for compatibility". We have three lovely children, that are truly a blessing. Even though my wife has a degree in finance, she stays at home with the kids to homeschool and nuture them. My life is richer because of God. He can be trusted with every thing in your life. I now help lead at our local church by teaching and being there to help when I can.

For now, I try to keep the gaming in check. It's hard lately with the renewed fun I'm having with more advanced board games that appeal to me. I see the joy of quality time with friends and family that board gaming brings. I don't really play computer games much anymore, because it eats up time I don't have and I'd rather be interacting with someone I know and can see. I have only played a few times to evaluate games for game design ideas or purchasing future board games.

My current hobbies are fishing, hunting, keeping bees, raising chickens, and playing games with the family. Sometimes I get time to read which I used to have so much more time to do.

Even though I really enjoy my job being a "design" engineer where I do a lot of software development (degrees in EE), I really love to teach in my spare time. I teach bible and discipleship classes. I'm chomping at the bit to get an opportunity to teach robotics and electronics classes to homeschoolers as well as some intro into computer programming and U.S. constitution classes.

I just don't have time to do all the things I would like to do!

Types of games I like:

As always I like strategy.

I like games that build, because I like to see results of my goal before me at the end. Civilization type of games or Catan as an example.

I like deep games too, but I do get tired of setup and teardown of fiddly games. The example being Agricola which I do like, just all the extra work does take away from maximum enjoyment. It might be more worthwhile if I had time to play the longer games or a good way to set them aside without getting messed up. My wife and I ran into that problem with Risk and Risk 2210 A.D. early in our marriage with kids. Still have that problem.

I don't mind some luck in my games. To me that makes it enjoyable, because I like the challenge of trying to adapt to changing conditions that are beyond anyone's control. The goal is minimize the luck with your strategy, and that is a skill in of itself.

I don't do fantasy, because of the influences of magic, and it's often portrayal as "good" some times. That goes against my convictions after coming to know Christ in a personal way and my growing understanding of the power of God. Note: I make a distinction between God's supernatural power as not being magic and witchcraft being what is typically called magic these days. Also, more fantasy games tend to be too overtly sexual in their artwork as well. While, I'm on a roll, I find the zombie genre just plain stupid and old hat.

Also, I won't be playing games that involve betrayal or lying... even if it's pretend. I'm committed to being faithful and honest, so those games rub me the wrong way. That entails demonic games as well.

Now, I might consider some of these offensive items in a game if it implemented in a more appropriate negative light that reflects biblical truth. Other than that don't bother me with Chaos of the Old World.

Recently Played:

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Random from my collection:

My recorded plays are much more accurate starting in 2012.

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