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Jerry Hagen
United States
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In the dark days before I found board games, I was a veteran of console, computer, and RPG gaming, mostly D&D.

In college (nearly 10 years ago) I was introduced by a friend to Settlers of Catan. It became the first of many games which became obsessions for a time.

I prefer long games over short ones. Given 8 hours a week to game I'd want to fill at least 6 of those hours with a single game.

I prefer heavily themed games over lightly ("pasted-on") themed games. One of the great draws of board gaming is that the narratives draw me in. I have limited patience for games like Ra, for example, because I can't weave a convincing narrative around auctioning and collecting sets of pyramid tiles.

I enjoy games with both low and high player interaction, but I prefer my interaction to be indirect. I'm not as interested in attacking other players as I am in causing systemic changes that other players need to respond to. For example, injecting $1000 of capital into a game of 1830 by starting a new company is more interesting to me than directly tanking another player's shares. Similarly, in Battlestar Galactica the humans and Cylons influence the game variables. Briggings and airlockings aside there aren't that many direct attacks upon other players. In general, the higher the chance that my decision space can be restricted by direct malicious action of another player, the less interested I am in the game.

I also prefer more chrome to less. 1856 appeals more to me than 1830 even though 1830 is the "better" of the two games, because there are more companies and a larger map.

Plays recorded are since 12-21-2008.

Currently resident in Madison, Wisconsin, USA, though my wife and I have done stints in Northern Virginia; Bloomington, IN; and Champaign-Urbana, IL. In my spare time (while not playing games) I work as a software consultant -- designing, developing, and overseeing the design and development of components for J2EE applications.
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