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Lookee what he can do! He wants a job!

Message(s) for Sinterklaas 2014:
Sinterklaas! I hope that you have recovered since your busy time. My apologies for not posting this sooner, but better late than never, right?

Here is my entry for the Secret Santa geeklist:
Item for Geeklist "2014 Edition of Look What My Secret Santa Sent Me..."


Sinterklaas! When I got your last message, you wrote "Waiting to uwrap the presents wille be a good execerise in stamina. If you can, you will hopefully be able to enjoy them with some real sinterklaas treats." I took that as a challenge to come up with something similar, so I made a batch of cookies. However, I think one of your associates must have visited here, as there was a box containing several packages of candy and baked goods, some of which appear to be the actual Sinterklaasavond treats! Tomorrow is looking better and better!

Once again, I thank you from the bottom of my soon-to-be-treat-filled heart!


Sinterklaas, I have to tell you that during the snowstorm (that started this morning), one of your trusted FedExAgents made it to my house and dropped off a package. While I thought you were Dutch (or at least European, or if not that, then someone doing an excellent job of pretending they are Dutch), you appear to be African, based on the package being sent from the Amazon. I hope there are no snakes or other nasty creatures inside, as I have put the box in a corner of the Living Room until Sinterklaasavond arrives!

Thank you for your efforts, and I shall report back then!


Message received. Thank you Sinterklaas! I shall be on the lookout for the delivery, and I shall prevail against the sinister urges to open it prior to the celebratory day of Sinterklaasavond!


Ah, a quiz! Something that a wise Santa (and that will be the last time that I call you that) will use to broaden the knowledge of his potential recipients. And I've actually learned a few things researching this! Though some sources seem to offer slightly differing opinions on these, I'll give it my best shot and hope that he can hear me being good through the chimney and my name is written in his big book under "Good."

- What is my nationality?
You are Dutch.

- What is the name of sinterklaas helpers?
His helpers, who seem to each have their own job, are Zwarte Pieten.

Occasionally there was also the Grumpus.

- Which are the 2 modes of transportation sinterklaas uses?
Steamboat is what gets Sinterklaas to the port of the city, after which he uses his White Horse, Americo.

- On which day do we celebrate sinterklaas?
Sinterklaasavond is celebrated on 6 December, though I've found that Sinterklaas actually delivers the gifts on 5 December.

- Name the sweet which is thrown into the crowd by sinterklaas helpers?
Kruidnoten or Pepernoten. I can't tell if you were going for the candy or the spiced cookies though, but I am sure that both are equally delicious.


Hello Santa! I got your message! Pardon me for feeling like a 6 year old for a moment...

Yes, I plan to raise my win percentage. No, I will absolutely not be cheating. That would be wrong, and cheaters suck.

Also, I am not that Jim McMahon. He makes a lot more money than I do.

I am also currently involved in a big Math Trade which posts results this coming Sunday night. Should my wish list change as a result of that, I will update it on Monday.

To answer your questions:
- How old are you?
47, but feeling like 6, and normally acting like 18.

- Do you have children? What age?
None unless you count the cat. If she counts, then she is 13.

- What was the last book you read?
Not counting any comic books, I re-read the first two Stainless Steel Rat novels. And I'm about due for my almost-annual re-reading of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

- Do you drink whiskey or wine? which brand?
Sorry, neither. Or anything alcoholic actually. :shrug:

I also see on your hot-10 there are some heavy games, but the last games you played are rather light.
Which game do you prefer?

I tend to play light to middle weight games. Nothing too heavy, but I do admittedly have a wide and varied range of tastes.

Who do you regularly play with?
My wife, my nephew, and some friends are one group of regulars. Then there is Tuesday night games with three other friends. There are also several other friends who I play with on rarer occasions. And then there are the Play-With-The-Friends-Once-A-Year-At-GenCon friends.

Or were you looking for more specifics?

Anxiously awaiting your reply!

Dear Santa,

Thank you for taking time from your amazingly busy schedule to check in on me.

I will admit that this past year, I have not been as good as I could have. I have stolen cards, goods, and resources from my fellow players. I have lied about my hand, my ability to help, my strategy, as well as about being a betrayer. I have trash talked my friends, saying that they would fall before me. I have tried to make them lose, sometimes even successfully. I have done all this in self-centered attempts to win.

I hope to improve next year. (My win percentage, that is!)


My "Hot 10" list is alphabetically which games I currently have on the top shelf of the bookcase in the living room. These are in plain sight for all to see and admire!

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#8: Catan
#9: Carson City
#10: Descent: Journeys in the Dark
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#2: Lords of Waterdeep
#3: Battlestar Galactica
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#5: Mice and Mystics
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#8: The Castles of Burgundy
#9: Lancaster
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