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Since my birthday is just 5 days before Christmas, December was always a "board game time of year". Growing up, not only did I get a board game for my birthday, but for Christmas each year, Santa brought my siblings and I (there were 6 of us) a board game. All this to say that board games became a huge part of my childhood and well into adulthood. These games included the standard 'classics' like Monopoly, Risk, Mouse Trap, etc. As I got older and into university, it became the party games like Pictionary and Trivial Pursuit. Some of my fondest Christmas memories are gathering at the holidays with my now-grown siblings and pulling out board games. Six years ago I immigrated to Canada from the United States. A co-worker one day asked me if I liked board games. When she then asked what games I played and I began listing the popular party games, she grinned and said she wanted to introduce me to a game I had never even heard of called "Galaxy Trucker." It was here that I was shown a whole world of "Geek Games" I never knew existed and I was hooked!! Thereafter I shortly discovered BGG online and have continued my geeky education laugh

The sort of games I tend to like/dislike: I am learning that I'm not too excited about 2-player games. Most of my gaming experiences happen either with myself (solo) or with groups of 4 or more, so I don't get a chance to do 2 player only. I also shy away from deduction games (even as a kid I didn't like "Clue"). I really like theme (Ameritrash I guess they call it)and appreciate when a game can get its thematic idea tied to its mechanic. I'm not too picky when it comes to games and will enthusiastically try anything. While I personally like some heavy games that can last 3-4 hours, I lean more toward easier, user-friendly games. I have several games with wicked minis (Cyclades, Zombicide, Ghost Stories) that I would love to learn how to paint miniatures. I'm just too scared to try (afraid I will mess them up). I'm passionate about board gaming and simply love it!! Thanks to my Secret Santa last year, I have discovered card sleeves... oh no! Another thing to get obsessive over..lol.

Favorite movies: The Shining, Superman, Blade Runner, Alien, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Pinocchio,

Favorite books: The Hobbit, The Golden Compass, anything by Charles Dickens, anything by Sarah Waters, anything by Dan Simmons

Things I love: Tintin, superheroes, time travel themes, Halloween & Christmas

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