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A long time has passed since I last updated this. Games are now overflowing out of my office/board game storage room. They are piled in both kids closets and the top of the hall closet and on top of the pantry. And I cant seem to get enough, I've even got a pile in my office of just games I've never played. I want to, because how can I get rid of a game if I haven't played it to know if it's fun or not.

My kids are now 8 (Girl) and 4 (Boy), both of them love playing games with mom and dad. We played Zooloretto the other day, the 8 year old did well on her own and the 4 year old was on my wife's team. And as you may notice my looking at my collection/last 10 games played I own a fair amount of kids games. And try to play them frequently with my children.

My wife still enjoys gaming, though has asked I try to trim the collection which I try to do but it's so hard. She like more gateway style game such as Ticket to Ride, Stone Age, and Catan. She is up for playing most games atleast once, but some like Last Night on Earth: The Zombie Game she barely got through.

A long time ago in a land far far away....
I played some board games as a kid. Then we didnt play any, I got a job went to high school and got married.

I was in a video game store because I love video games, and I saw on the shelf in the corner Carcassonne it seems to catch my eye every time I went in there. Low and behold one day I decided to purchase it. Best decision I made in a long time. I am currently at about 400 games and expansions and the number grows all the time.

I have two little kids. I get to play a small variety of games with my 5 year old. She seems to like dice games; her current favorites seem to be "The Yellow Dice Game" and "The Missionary Game". She also enjoys the classic little kid games; Pretty Pretty Princess, Candy Land, and Snakes and Ladders. My 18 month old son's favorite things to do with games so far is to eat the pieces and throw them.

I usually only play games with my wife of 11 years or one other couple. And it's always after 8 (bedtime) when we start.

I like a variety of games. I like them to have a fun theme and feel like they are quality and im not just playing with junk. Even the one print and play I made I wanted it to be quality. Last year I made Zombie Plague and feel like I did pretty good for my first print and play.

I love to thrift and have found many cool games that way. Also love to trade.

Some of my favorite games that I own in no particular order are:
Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot
Battleground: Crossbows & Catapults War Chest Starter Set
Thunder Road

I hope this tells you a little more about me and my gaming.

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Top 10
#1: Carcassonne
#2: Catan
#3: Battleground: Crossbows & Catapults War Chest Starter Set
#4: PitchCar
#5: Family Fluxx
#6: Zooloretto
#7: Zombies!!!
#8: Pit
#9: Aquaretto
#10: Town And Country
Hot 10
#1: Carcassonne
#2: Zombies!!!
#3: Bohnanza
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