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I started gaming with monopoly cry but that was a long time ago. My first real game was Russian Campaign and wow what an eye opener laugh, it was played and played...a lot. Then came Richtofens War, War at Sea, Global war, Empires of the middle ages and others. All this along with Napoleonic minatures, a great time and many memories.

Unfortunately when I finished uni I moved interstate. Things went quiet for some time. Years later I did get into World in Flames pretty seriously - I had a room in my house permanently dedicated to it, along with one night a week and five comrades. (It would still take some six months of real time to play a game).

Then after another dry spell I had quite some sucess with Settlers (and also Hannibal - Rome vs Carthage) on a few long ship voyages I went on -although there was a physical limit - about 10 degrees of ship roll.

I have recently returned to my home town to live and simultaneously returned to the gaming fold I have made a number of new purchases, including many in the Eurogaming camp and have managed to get the old gaming gang back together for the likes of Antike, History of the World, Shogun and Railroad Tycoon. The Adelaide Board Game Group are active, I fit in attendance when I can. My wife loves many games and when her studies allow we can partake in a game of San Juan, Caylus, Thurn & Taxis, Carcassonne, Mr Jack or else with other couples to include Ra, Settlers, TTR-E and Parthenon.

Wargames have made a reappearance. Bitter Woods, Rommel in the Desert, Turning Point Stalingrad and Wellington. My playing frequency could do with improvement, but anything is better than nothing!

Then a marvellous thing happened, a baby came along. Well, not so marvellous for gaming! This activity has dropped to a murmur due other priorities. I have embraced technology and am now playing No Retreat on line. At least Vassal has enabled me to engage in some old fashioned strategic combat against some marvellous opponents.

Some day the boy may start to embrace gaming. For his second birthday he received a copy of First Orchard. A new little geek is on the way.
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