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Jonathan Neufeld
British Columbia
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Life is full of danger... run with it!

I'm a father of 5 young children ranging in ages newborn to 8 and it is a blast. I enjoy my children a lot, and they require a lot of time and energy. This unfortunately puts a huge damper on my board gaming. Whenever possible I try and organize a night where a bunch of guys can come over and we cram as much gaming in as possible. Many of the guys in my group have young kids of there own now which makes coordinating even more difficult.

Before kids entered the picture I was quite the euro gamer and still am for the most part, although lately I've been broadening my taste a bit more. I cut my teeth on the original German Settlers of Catan. One of my friends has family in Germany and he learnt it there and brought a copy home. We played it at least once a week. By the time I went to college the English translation had reached the west coast and I immediately bought Settlers & Seafarers with expansions, Cities and Knights would come later. At the peak of playing in college (I had a devoted group) we were playing almost every night and were kept spreadsheets as to who finished in what place with how many points who had longest road or biggest army, etc. Needless to say it awoken the inner Board Game Geek in me.

Since then I try to fit games in whenever I can, and have been teaching my older kids how to play some of them. Hopefully when they get a bit older they can grasp the more complicated games, and then I will have more people to play with!

Other then board games and kids I enjoy soccer a lot, and have been on our churches team a number of years now. I never played it much as a younger kid so I'm not all that great, but I find it great to get out and chase a ball around.

53 game plays in 2015... I think that is a record for me.

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