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Janne Henriksson
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Hi there! I'm a 31-year-old boardgamer from the city of Oulu in Finland. I was introduced to the hobby by a friend of mine and I finally registered for BGG in 2008. I haven't looked back since. I play games very enthusiastically and with a lot of thought and surprisingly I enjoy games which require a lot of thought. Hmm, I also enjoy some games that don't require a lot of thought. Go figure. Well, you can check my Top 10 list for game preferences and my Wishlist for games I would like to try/buy next.

At the moment I'm studying to be an English teacher at the University of Oulu. I'd rather be teaching though, studying causes some headaches from time to time I'm also involved in a parish in which we organise Bible study sessions and youth nights for 15-20-year-olds. I enjoy working with youngsters. I have also worked on many summer camps for children of different ages on many occasions.

I'm married to Ella (since 24/7/2010) who is the most beautiful woman in the world. I love her very much. We both believe in Jesus and we often attend various Christian events here in Oulu. We enjoy going to the movies and playing floorball and badminton together.

I usually play games with my friends on a not-so-regular basis. We see each other quite often and we also do a lot of other things besides gaming. But when we get to play games, I enjoy it so very much. Usually we play lighter games (e.g. Diamant, Dixit, For Sale) though, but a couple of my friends are also into deeper and more strategic games (those are the games I enjoy the most) and we specifically get together to play them occasionally. We get to play them too rarely though (need to fix this!). My favourites are Imperial, Steam, Le Havre, Stone Age, El Grande, Samurai and stuff like that. I really enjoy a long, thought-requiring game, but I also fancy the short brainburner like Samurai or China. I also enjoy lighter games - I play the likes of Ticket to Ride, Dominion, Ligretto, Splendor and 6 Nimmt with my wife occasionally. She's not that much of a gamer but we still get a game in every now and then. I'm also into dexterity games and love playing for example PitchCar and Tumblin-Dice.

Well that's me. I hope you all the best. Catch you around the geek.


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Registration Date: 2008-07-17
Last Profile Update: 2015-03-04
Last Login: 2015-08-10
Country: flag Finland
Town/City: Oulu
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Top 10
#1: Imperial
#2: Steam
#3: Le Havre
#4: Samurai
#5: Stone Age
#6: PitchCar
#7: El Grande
#8: Chess
#9: Curling Table Game
#10: Tumblin-Dice
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