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To my BGG Secret Santa,

I've been looking forward to participating in this for a long time, but until recently have had a non-gamer spouse and been between full-time jobs. Those have both changed recently as the adults separated in a move planned for nearly a year simultaneously with my starting a new job at a nearby high school. I'm half the science department, and have 5 classes with four unique preps, so time to actually play has been scarce, especially when one adds in the course I was already committed to at a nearby community college.

I have two kids, whom I refer to online as The Grasshopper (boy, born 2005) and The Munchkin (girl, born 2010). They're often my primary gaming partners, although their current interests make it difficult to coordinate playing games with both of them simultaneously. (She would love to play things together, but he takes great delight in either trying to pick a 2-player-only game to play or in deliberately choosing games she can't play or can't win.) I occasionally get to spend time playing games only with other adults, but it hasn't happened much since the new job started.

My tastes run toward thematic - I'm a roleplayer at heart, and am eagerly awaiting the chance in a year or two to be able to try to run an RPG with my kids. I often hear about Mouseguard, and have a copy of FATE Accelerated on my bookshelf awaiting time to try to implement.

Because of how much I play with kids, I've got a penchant for cooperative games or one-vs-many games (like Scotland Yard), although I prefer ones where the alpha gamer problem isn't quite so dominant. I find Pandemic to be too unforgiving, although it plays nicely into most kids' love of maps. The Grasshopper and I both love Sentinels of the Multiverse, and neither of us gets to play it as much as we'd like. I was between part-time gigs when the preorder for Villains was going on, so it and/or the associated mini expansions
would be more than welcome. What I personally love about Sentinels is the way you feel like one specific character, along with the diversity of characters and play styles - origins, gender balance, depiction of women, and mechanical complexity, to name just a few things.

The Grasshopper likes tossing buckets of dice, but hates Yahtzee & variants, maybe because he doesn't see the strategy in the game. We've checked Mice and Mystics out from our local library a few times, and he always wants to play Nez. He otherwise likes either 2-player abstracts (like chess, although neither of us plays enough to be really good) or cooperative games. Neither of those statements accounts for the fact that he'll play the copy of Dungeon! we gave him several years back any time there's a halfway decent excuse.

I'm not sure the Munchkin has a clear taste in games developed yet. She adores King of Tokyo, Hey, That's My Fish! and Zooloretto, but will also pick Memory or Candy Land. Mostly, she's at a stage of having outgrown the preschool games but wanting the game to work the way she says it should.

My mother is willing to play games when she visits me, and really likes both Ingenious and Enemy Chocolatier. Oddly, she found Carcassonne to be too difficult to grasp, but is a longtime bridge player (though has never tried for competitive play). However, everybody in my family that I've ever introduced them to has loved the Timeline games - I left them with my ex because they were among the few things she would play voluntarily. I only owned Historical Events and Science & Discoveries, but would love to acquire and intermingle the entire series.

I have a few companies for which an announcement of a new product often falls into the category of "take my money," assuming I feel like I have the money to spare. Chief among them are Evil Hat Productions and Greater Than Games. (I've been told I'd probably enjoy Compounded and The Great Heartland Hauling Co. from their Dice Hate Me acquisition, but have never been able to play either.)

I'll shortly be donating Fantastiqa to my local library, and have ready access to the items in its collection in addition to my own. Otherwise, I'm more excited about the chance to finally participate than anything else. Please feel welcome to shop off-list if you know of something that you think would be a good fit.

If you are somebody who includes non-game items, I'm a school teacher by trade and adore really good chocolate and really good coffee. My other candy weakness, especially around Easter, are classic jelly beans. Fruity flavors like skittle/starburst jelly beans are abominations that need to be executed with extreme prejudice!

P.S., added 11/13/15 - The kids and I just spend the evening at the local library's "Star Wars Night" event, and the Grasshopper walked out loving X-Wing Miniatures. As a twice-recovered "paper crack" addict, I'm really really hesitant to jump into anything that's a collectible or rarity-based game, but if there's a way to construct a repayable game for 2-3 people out of a limited set, my interest in the game has gone up based on his.


Science educator and parent of two proto-gamers living in the midwestern US. My board game interests cover most genres, and I'd like to do more RPG playing than I have time for. I write on a (roughly) monthly basis for www.chambanamoms.com, a local parenting blog, on hobby games with an eye toward things that can be played with kids. I also do some reviewing of middle-grades and YA lit at www.reads4tweens.com


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