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March 2015 udpate: I have not spend as much time gaming as I wished. Especially due to problems with my work contract and finishing some tasks for studies. From my previous updates I was able to play Sergeants D-Day and War Stories. Both of these disappointed me greatly. For new tactical games I have backed Old School Tactical and we have received La Bataille de France 1940. I have played again Heroes of Normandie and it is my lightweight tactical game of choice. I was again impressed by how much it does achieve with so few rules. Due to some reading I have decided to try Valor & Victory and maybe I will give second change to BoB:GP. Let's see.

For near future I hope to give try to Close Action and Armada Invincible. I also want to try solitaire Fields of Fire. I also hope that I will be able to get on table some of those euros to see whether I am still interested in these at all.

I have also decided that I will reevaluate my ratings. I was more harsh on games I have played recently and did not like compared to my previous practice. So I am going to re rate. I will also reevaluate those games I have previously liked but did not play them for several years due to my change of taste. They are surely not bad games, but I am no longer willing to play them and I would only recommend them now more hesitantly or if I knew that particular person would be really interested.

October 2014 udpate: Son is 16 months old and gaming time is thus still premium :-). However I am looking forward when he turns little older and we start playing together.

No change in my gaming preferences - about 90% wargaming. Rest 10% divided between heavy theme games (BSG), heavy EUROS (looking forward to Kanban, Panamax, Russian Railroads) and some party gaming (favorite One Night Ultimate Werewolf.

Wargaming - mostly interested in block and CDG games. I have almost lost interest in classic hex and counter games with exception of tactical games. I am now going to try some newer tactical WWII games (Heroes of Normandie - I already tried and pretty much enjoyed it, Sergeants D-Day, War Stories) I know that they are pretty lightweight but I am no longer interested in games like ASL, ATS (I can manage them, but usually do not enjoy them), I did enjoy TCS but it is too lenghty for my taste.

I have renowed my interest in naval gaming (recent plays of Breaking the Chains, Serpents of the Seas - neither of those was exactly my cup of tea) so I am now starting to play solo Carrier and next Tokyo Express. I have on preorder Close Action. So I hope that some of these games will hit sweet spot. Recently I got interested also in Admiral's Order however due to price will probably wait little bit for more reviews.

Feb 2014 update: Due to fact that I am father from middle of last year I have less time to play games then ever. So I am now mainly wargamer. Occasionally I am able to get into game of Battlestar Galactica or some other highly thematic game. I am also beginning to be fan of clever negotiation games that play quickly, can attract non-players. Games like Coup, Ultimate Werewolf: Deluxe Edition, The Resistance does provide good experience in decent amount of time. From time to time we are playing mainly co-ops with my wife. Recent favorite Yggdrasil due to theme.

Lately I most enjoy Block wargames and CDGs. Some of my favorites are: Prussia's Defiant Stand, Unhappy King Charles,Kingdom of Heaven: The Crusader States 1097-1291, Twilight Struggle, Hellenes: Campaigns of the Peloponnesian War, FAB: The Bulge, EastFront II and WestFront II, Kutuzov, Wellington

Recently I have started to enjoy clever air games from Lee Brimmicombe-Wood like The Burning Blue and Bomber Command.

I am still looking for good game of WWII tactical system where we had tried most of them but did not enjoy fully neither. And I am also desperately looking for good medieval tactical game - my fingers are crossed that Fornovo 1495 from Brien J. Miller will fulfill this for me.

late 2012 update: I am almost exclusively wargamer these times and wargaming amounts for around 80% of my gaming. I especially like clever CDGs. I am still in hunt for great wwII tactical system but one after one fails miserably. Either they are too light and with some stupidities in them (Conflict of Heroes, Fighting Formations, Band of Brothers) or they are too complex (we can handle ASL, ATS but it is not fun for us). Also some new games like Panzer, GD42 failed for us.
I am also looking for some good tactical game from Medieval but did not find anything what would make me happy.

In my remaining 20% of gaming I am mostly playing co-op. Yggdrasil with my wife and Battlestar Galactica and Space Alert with gaming group.Occasionally I like to dive in some heavier euro-economy game like Automobile, Through the Ages.

2011 update: I have moved my focus almost entirely to story driven/experience games (Battlestar Galactica, Space Alert and some other co-ops) and to wargames, where I am moving from lighter to medium complexity games.

my name is Kamil, I am from small beautiful country in cental Europe - Czech Republic.

I came into hobby somewhere in 2003 or 2004. Beginning with stuff like Settlers of Catan and Puerto Rico.

Afterwards I eventuallly found BGG and my life changed .... I had to stop for while to think if I am exaggerating with this statement - to be honest not - I changed computer and PC games for boardgaming and I am really enjoying this change. I am spending lot more time with my friends (new and old).

Usually we are playing games in teahouse enjoying various tastes of high quality teas and games as well.

And so what I am playing now 5 years after getting into hobby. It is not easy to say, because I am quite fluctuant in this area. I am usually playing each game only few times (harvesting good ideas from it and then moving further to explore more).

So with my gaming group I am usually enjoying gamer's games - with lot of tough choices and random factor not too high. We like as well story driven games and cooperative games.
Because most of us like Formula 1 (although I much prefer Moto GP) we are running small championship in racing games (like Bolide, Formula De).

With my second group I am enjoying wargames. I am most into WWII (west and east front and naval battles) and Cold war. Some of friends are into napoleonic and roman era which I am not loving, but happily play with them. We found that rule easy games are working best for us. We really like games like World at War: Eisenbach Gap (my all time favorite wargame), FAB: The Bulge, Up Front and we enjoyed Panzer Grenadier as well. Recently I am getting more into pre-WW eras. I am enjoying lot Seven Years War especially campaigns of Fridriech the Great and like medieval as well. I especially love cavalry in my games so medieval with armoured knights, cavalry charges is my cup of tea :-).

In home with family which are not geeks but sometimes agree to play with me some games we are playing mostly family games. We love for example Thebes (we find time mechanic ingenious) and one of my all time favorites For Sale - I can not say why I love this game so much but in my eyes it is gem of my collection and I would never decline to play .

That's all for now...
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