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Nathan Trimmer
United States
West Jefferson
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My recent appearance in "Final Exam"

Board Games

I enjoyed playing board games in my youth, but the novelty of simple roll and move eventually wore off. Dice and pawns were slowly replaced with controllers and cartridges as PC and console gaming grew.

Skip ahead to late 2006...

The joy of board gaming was rekindled after discovering BGG. Since that time, I've gone from a collection of several light card games (Counting Zzzzs, Lord of the Fries, and Coloretto) to quite a few heavy euros as well as forays into AT and wargames.

Note: My Hot 10 is comprised of the most played board games of the past 60 days.

Currently working on:

Translations -
The Bremens by Taikikennai
- Rules PDF is all but finished. Just waiting on Taikikennai to clarify a few things.

Movie Maker by Sphinx
- Finished translating the rules, but need a few things clarified. Most of the text and illustrations have been added to the final PDF. Haven't had any luck with responses from Sphinx. This file may need to be stripped back and released as text only.

Otsukai Fukurou no Kuroubanashi by Fukuroudou
- Pages 2-4 have been translated. Still working on the page 1 narrative.

TetrAction: The Duel of Wisdom by Fukuroudou
- About half way done with the translation. This project is currently on hold so that I can focus on "Familiar's Trouble".

Pasteups -
Lost Bible by One Draw
- Pasteups for the "Last Supper" portion are complete.

Panzer Vor! by K2

Other projects -
Writing a BGG shopping guide to Japanese games.

"Deadlands: Battle for Slaughter Gulch" - Designed new player boards. All of the miniatures are being painted and mounted on 20mm bases.

"Flickwerk" - Upgrading all of the game's components.

Completed projects (available here on BGG):
"Friesematenten" base set pasteups
"Bohn Camillo" action card pasteups
"Bohnedikt" edict cards pasteups
"Maus au Chocolat" English rules
"The Catfather" English rules
"Dreamstarter" English rules
"Dreamstarter" English event pasteups
"Soft Fixers" English rules and reference sheets
"Necessary Conditions of John H Watson" English rules v1.2

Recently played board games:

Video Games

Video games have been a part of my life since the days of the Coleco Telstar Arcade and the Atari 2600. Simple graphics and the quest for a high score were enough to hook me. Nothing has really changed over the last eight generations of consoles. I still love the hobby, but just don't have nearly as much free time.

Steam profile:

Recently played video games:


Since joining BGG/VGG, I've become hooked on game trading. So, if you're interested in anything I have available (whether a board or video game), please don't hesitate to drop me a line and make an offer. All offers (including international ones) are considered and replied to, but there might be a day or two delay.

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Top 10
#1: Fairy Tale
#2: Macao
#3: Agricola
#4: Ghost Stories
#5: London
#6: Planet Steam
#7: At the Gates of Loyang
#8: Roads & Boats
#9: Louis XIV
#10: Lords of Vegas
Hot 10
#1: Kigi
#2: 7 little korpokkurs
#3: Chipleader
#4: Dreamstarter
#5: Dynamite Nurse Returns
#6: Marquis
#7: Pecunia
#8: Atlantic Star
#9: Palazzo
#10: Ruby Gloom: The Game
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