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Kenny VenOsdel
United States
Saint Paul
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History of myself
I am a registered nurse living in Saint Paul, MN. I got into board gaming in 2009 when a friend introduced me to Puerto Rico. Before that my exposure was pretty typical: Monopoly, Risk, Apples to Apples, and Settlers of Catan. Settlers didn't grab me but after Puerto Rico I was hooked! Another friend told me about this site and I was on my way.

From the getgo I was a cult-of-the-new kind of guy, and treated board games like I do my books. That is to say, I liked nearly everything I played and wanted to buy everything that I liked, or just what looked cool. My collection grew to near 100 pretty quick!

Current Trends

Nowadays I find myself not buying a lot of games and trying to focus more on playing the ones I have. I've even sold off quite a few that I really had no interest in. I've decided that I want board games, not a collection. New purchases for me have to satisfy some gap I feel in my, for lack of a better word, collection such as theme, mechanics, or player count. Also preferable is that my wife would be able to enjoy them.

On August 6th, 2011 I got married to my best friend and frequent gaming partner, Jessica Wright. She likes shorter games that require some thought but that you don't always have to plan for the end at the beginning. If a game is too long or complex she will lose interest and play randomnly but she also doesn't like games that are simply too easy. One thing she avoids like the plague is direct conflict when its not necessary. When playing Ticket to Ride she would prefer to just build her own route as efficiently as possible and only get in each others way by chance, not design. She really likes Blue Moon and Magnate and Jambo was one of our first favorites. Lately she has also requested Race for the Galaxy which is like music to my ears!

I don't really have a favorite color to play with, sometimes I choose a wacky one like purple or pink just to throw everyone off. Jess on the other hand gravitates to yellow, grey if its available, or white.

My avatar is a picture of my dog. His name is The Dude and he's been my pal since just after Christmas of '07 when I got him from the humane society.

Along with a wife came unending happiness, love, and also 2 cats. One is rather fat, named Oliver, is orange, and hates The Dude. The other gets along with him okay. She is smaller and grey, named Rosie, and loves to go outside on her leash.

BGG Threads, Geeklists, Contributions I'm particularly proud of

Boardgame Kickstarter Projects - Kickstarter Geeklist

Game Variants I have created - Mainly the TTR and For Sale variants. I like those alot.

What book did you just finish reading? - A Geeklist about books

Minneapolis/Saint Paul Gamers? - A long running thread for gamers in my area. This thread helped me find my first game group and really jumped started me in this hobby.

Geek of the Week #319 - Kenny Ven Osdel

User Designed Unpublished Games That Need Reviewing or Playtesting - A geeklist to connect Playtesters with Designers

Games given out by Copper Goose Dot Com - Records of the games given away by coppergoose.com

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Top 10
#1: Eminent Domain
#2: Tigris & Euphrates
#3: Race for the Galaxy
#4: Decktet
#5: Ticket to Ride
#6: Homesteaders
#7: The Resistance
#8: Cribbage
#9: Dominion
Hot 10
#1: Decktet
#2: The Resistance
#3: At the Gates of Loyang
#4: Dixit
#5: Race for the Galaxy
#6: Railways of the World
#7: Agricola
#8: Airlines Europe
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