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(Here you see me
about to eat
my one hamburger
in the year 2014)
I am a 41 42 year old male
(Here you see
me during
gamer that tries to spend as much time as humanly possible participating in, writing about, thinking about, designing adventures for, and reading Role-Playing Games, not to mention running them. I also enjoy worker placement/resource allocation boardgames and sci-fi/fantasy style books/movies. I live in the US with my wife (who is a boardgame geek) and goes by the handle indigopotter on BGG.

I write about RPGs on my blog, called RPGMusings. My writing used to focus on Dungeons and Dragons, but lately I have been writing much more broadly, and so most of it is applicable to all RPGs.

I am one of the hosts on the Play On Target podcast - a podcast about RPGs and gaming that I started with three other RPGGeek regulars. We often reference the Geek and discuss topics that are popular on the site.

I have been a guest on the fabulous The Tome Show, with Jeff Greiner, several times. I am also the official editor of the tome show. You can see the cast page here.

You can find/follow me on twitter at @DMSamuel

Here is a link to my RPG Item collection.

Here's a link to my RPG System Collection.

Here is a link to the BoardGame Collection my wife (indigopotter) and I have acquired over the years.

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State: New York
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Top 10
#1: Glory to Rome
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#1: Agricola
#2: Utopian Rummy
#3: At the Gates of Loyang
#4: Race for the Galaxy
#5: Ra: The Dice Game
#6: Magnate
#7: Glory to Rome
#8: Rummikub Rummy Dice Game
#9: Pandemic
#10: Can't Stop
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