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I don't have a wonderfully ornate gaming history to enthrall anyone with; my dad used to game with me quite a bit as a kid, but he worked a lot, so that time got eaten away as I got older. My cousin was a huge M:tG fan and played with me several times, then moved away (curses! foiled again!). So growing up, I didn't do much gaming, mostly due to lack of people to game with. Thankfully, the net has changed all of that, and I'm frequently to be found noodling around on BSW - and often getting my butt kicked, but hey, it's gaming!

In person, my options are considerably more limited. I'm physically disabled and don't drive, so seeking out fellow gamers is difficult, and the only readily available person I have to play with is my sister, who is autistic and mentally impaired. Thus my games list - such as it is, it badly needs an update or six - consists of an eclectic mix of medium weight strategy games mixed with things like Lost Cities and Hey! That's My Fish!... the former are the games I'm interested in, and the latter are the games that actually see some play time at my house.

I'm currently running a game group consisting of disabled young adults around my sister's age/abilities, the adventures of which I'm chronicling here.

I've recently started doing some general game pimpage in the form of "containers to keep game pieces &^%$#ing still while I'm trying to play the game." So far I've got a pirate chest to keep my tokens in, and a light and portable dice tray (it's about the size and weight of a DVD case) because I got sick of spazzing the dice all over the table when I was aiming for the box lid.

For the fiendishly curious, I buy the raw boxes premade (not because I can't build them, more because fine motor stuff takes me a while and I don't have that kind of time), but the sanding, staining, painting, lining, dividers, etc etc etc are all done by me. Very. Very. Slowly. (But it's worth it.) For the non-handy, yes, I'm happy and available to make you similar things for a reasonable price, but contact me to discuss it, cause I do each piece individually, so I don't have anything sitting around to send.

More general about me: I'm 29 and an ex-college student who had to withdraw due to inaccessibility issues. I hope to get back to school someday. Bio major, poli-sci minor, pre-med track. When I'm not gaming, I'm usually working on the second draft of my novel, listening to The Beatles, U2, The Frames or Mark Geary, plowing through a book, or watching The West Wing, Top Gear, or Doctor Who.

I'm of Irish descent and fiercely proud of my heritage. Converted to Catholicism when I was 15 but believe in every individual's right to celebrate the faith(s) or non-faith(s) of their choice, and I'm an unapologetic progressive (Democrat, but left of them, to be honest). I was a delegate at the 2008 Democratic National Convention. Like the rest of the stuff in this paragraph, I mention this not to attract flames or RSP type debate (I live in the US Deep South and am surrounded by people who consider me a dirty pinko communist, so if you feel the need to tell me the same, you're welcome to but it's nothing I haven't heard), but rather because it says a lot about what I enjoy.... have you ever sat in a caucus where Deaf folks, blind folks and folks in wheelchairs were all arguing about whether cars should be nationally mandated to have beepers in the hoods and whether national candidates for president (all of them, ever) should be publicly shishkabobed if they commit the cardinal sin of allowing a single inaccessible bathroom stall to exist in the same multistory public building of their national headquarters? I have! And I'd do it again!.... Though I think next time I'll bring more equipment with which to rappell out a window around hour three. (I love disability advocacy too, but oh my giddy aunt does everyone come with an axe to grind. Three hundred long-smited rules lawyers in the room, all trying to rules lawyer real life. )

If you've made it this far and have burning questions, feel free to geekmail me.
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