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Glen Oberhauser
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My present gaming tastes...

Hex and CRT Wargames.

Terrain-effects charts, freshly clipped counters with combat factors, big paper maps, die-roll modifiers, the sudden realization of why a field commander made that historic decision... mmm, mmm, mmm.

I like to play longer wargames by myself, but I don't particularly like solitaire wargames. I prefer to set up a game on my table and play both sides. Usually a game remains on my table for several weeks or even months. I like all periods of history, from Ancients up to World War 2. Tactical level games give me the most satisfaction as I enjoy seeing the effects of individual personalities. However, I also like operational and strategic games. I'm not a competitive wargamer. I prefer to sit back and watch the history unfold based on my decisions.


For me, a tight, deep eurogame with lots of interwoven parts is the pinnacle of game design and a work of art. These games give me the sense of awe that I never experience in any other type of game. I like eurogames without much luck. I've played plenty of light euros in my life, and I don't need to play any others. Sitting down with a meaty game for 2 hours is more fun than two light, fun but forgettable, 60-minute games. Heavy games allow me rethink the whole game when they are over, usually depriving me of sleep. Theme? A great historical theme will enhance my enjoyment, but I really don't care if a euro has much theme or not. No, that doesn't mean I lack imagination. On the contrary, my imagination helps to elevate a solid euro from a bland exercise to an activity that evokes historic strife -- the misery of medieval farmers, the balancing act of Roman statesmen, or the struggle to amass fortune from the whims of Mediterranean consumers.

Miniatures Games.

I prefer skirmish games with 8-12 figures per side. Again, I like to see the personalities come through. I like historical games, but here I can stomach some fantasy or science fiction. These games are often more about the fun of painting figures and building the battlefield.

I love Richard Borg's Command & Colors games -- the feel of a miniatures game without the hassle. I always play these games opposed. They are fast and fun, and contrary to some opinions, they do reward skillful play. Presently, Memoir '44 is my favorite because of the vast number of scenarios and terrain and the simplest set of rules.

Economic Games.

Yum. I like a game in which you start with a pile of money, spend it to build or invest, and then win by having the most money. Simple and elegant. Again, luck does not belong in these games.

Party Games.

Whether it's a deduction game, a bluffing game, a negotiation game, or a creative game, I like games in which the aim is laughter and socializing. Balderdash, Spyfall, and The Resistance are particular favorites.

Card Games.

Managing a hand of cards is perhaps my favorite gaming activity. I like traditional trick-taking games, card-driven wargames, and CCGs. I'm not a huge fan of deck building, but I do think that no other game type creates a story quite like CCGs.

Dice games.

Enough. Why must we reimagine every successful eurogame with a dice-centric version? There are so many better game mechanisms than random dice rolls. Whatever happened to a good auction? For me to enjoy a dice game, it better be an extremely clever use of dice. I'm fine with a few dice as an element of a much larger design (Madeira, Troyes, Castles of Burgundy), but if a game derives its fun from trying to roll certain combinations on a handful of custom dice, I'm unlikely to enjoy the game.

yuk Block wargames.

Block wargames seem to come in two dull varieties -- long games that create crowds of blocks and short games that sacrifice their historic feel to create a competitive game. I don't like the block ergonomics, I miss the CRT, and they don't play well solitaire.

yuk Ameritrash games.

Besides my graying hair, my lack of interest in big boxes of plastic set within fictional universes is the biggest sign that I'm getting older. Chucking hordes of dice, casting spells, and slaying orcs bore me.

yuk Cooperative games.

There are exceptions, but I typically don't want to cooperate with other gamers. I'm not competitive; I just like doing my own thing.

yuk Role-playing games.

Zero interest. I can see the appeal, but not my idea of fun.

yuk Abstract games.

I'm not skilled at the spatial intelligence required in abstract games. For me, no skill equals no enjoyment.
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