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I'm a poor university student and will play pretty much everything once. I am the creator of the "Brutality" mini-expansion for Battlestar Galactica, which can be found here.

Involved in quite a few BSG PBF games:

V17 - God Did It: Lost (Cain, Cylon)
V25 - Character Flaw: Won (Unrevealed CAGmiral Starbuck)
256 - Overflow: Won (Tigh, Human)
V29 - From Cylon with Love: Lost (Boomer, Human)
V35 - Cylon Civil War 3: Won (Elosha/Racetrack, Cylon)
V34b - Canadian Maple Cookies: Lost (Six, Convert the Infidels)
V41 - A Poem in Blood and Wine: Won (Helo, Human)
V46b - Warriors of Virtue: Won (Kendra, Human)
305 - Desperate Times: Won (Zarek, Cylon)
V50 - Brutalations: Won (Zarek, Human)
V52 - Gemenon: Won (Tory, Cylon)
V59 - Build Your Own Variant: Lost (Cally, Human)
V60 Central - Revelations Alpha: Won (Dee, Human)
V63 - Build Your Own Lightning Fast Variant: Won (Cain, Human)
V67 - Further In and On We Go: Won (Racetrack, Cylon)
V71 - All of this was brutal before...: Lost (Kat, Human)
V74c - Meeting in 'Merica: TBD (Billy, Cylon)
V75 - Fear of the Darkness: Won (Athena, Salvage Their Equipment)
V85 - The Search for the Cylon Agent: Won (Dee, Cylon)
V90a - The Long Way Home: TBD (NuZarek)
V91 - Homo Hominem Cylon: TBD (Anders)

V28 - Prelude to War: Cylon Win (Damage)
V31a - Flight of the Nightingale: Cylon Win (Damage)
V31b - Flight of the Sparrow: Cylon Win (Damage)
V34a - Autumn Maple Leaves: Humans Win
V46a - Tears of the Sun: Humans Win
V53a - Nebulous Eclipse: Lone Cylon Win (Damage)
V64a - Burrow Endlessly Ahead: Humans and Leoben Win
V74a - Rendezvous at Tehran: Cylon Win (Population)
V80 - Brutality: Humans Win
V86 - Brutalations III: Humans Win
V101a - Birth of a Nation:
V101b - Battleship Potemkin:

My Top 6: (will usually never turn down any of these)

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