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7 November 2005> I have been a member of the Geek for 12 months and 1 day.

I think I found the site while looking for information about a game I had seen for sale on Ebay. While I was here I had a look around. Everyone seemed to be raving about 'Alhambra' and 'Ticket To Ride' at the time and I even succumbed to ordering Alhambra from Games Lore.

It was all very exciting opening this wonderful new game - like it was Christmas day as a kid. I played the first game with my Partner and Matt (it has always amused me that you had to have a third player that the rules referred to as 'Matt'. He's lost the odd card under the sofa in his time too). I think we took the game around to my parents the very same night and played a 4 player game with what would turn out to be, with the addition of my Auntie, my regular gaming group.

It's all a bit hazy now as to what game(s) came next. It was so close to Christmas that I bought myself some others at the same time as ordering games as Christmas presents for family members.

Ticket to Ride was the best thing since sliced bread and so I ordered it with the intention of giving it to my dad - the train theme put me off getting for myself. However in the time between placing the order and it being delivered, a few more articles on the Geek convinced me to keep it myself. It's my most played game, so this turned out to be the right thing to do!

I've just checked "my collection" and found that I have 131 games. That's scary in just a year. I really don't believe that I buy 10 games a month!

We first bought a big coffee table with shelf to store and play the games, but they soon outgrew this and a whole spare room was turned into a games room. There's a link to a picture below. It was taken a couple of months ago though - the shelving is now almost full.

I've been meaning to join the local group of serious gamers in their monthly meeting; they've invited me plenty of times. Unfortunately either my own or my partner's work usually seem to get in the way.

My family get together a couple of times a month though and we enjoy playing games like Diamant, Cloud 9, Bausack, Kuhhandle (which always has us in fits of laughter), 6 Nimmt, No Merci etc. I leave the heavier games (Tikal, Java, Powergrid etc) for playing with my partner. We game almost every night after dinner which I enjoy far more than sitting and watching TV or whatever.

I continue to get excited about placing another order for games. I'm very excited about Christmas again. The games won't be from me to other people this year though. Santa has already got my list and it continues to grow.

Anyway, I'll stop rambling on!
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