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Matt Kruczek
United Kingdom
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I'm 44 years old, married, and living in Colchester, UK. I've been gaming since I was a teenager, my first ever wages went on a copy of The Fury of Dracula, and I've been steadily collecting ever since.

I love a game to tell a story, be it the crazy imaginings of Tales of the Arabian Nights, or the focussed puzzling of Mage Knight, a strong narrative will draw me in every time. I'm not fond of auctions or deep economic simulations, and I actively avoid anything that requires you to backstab.

I've designed a few games, all of which have been rendered obsolete when a much better version is announced by a big game publisher a couple of months after I've been working on them. So be on the lookout for a space exploration game using a streamlined version of the action card mechanic from Mage Knight coming soon...

Edited August 2015... oh look... Star Trek: Frontiers

For the last few years I've been running a charity 24 hour gaming marathon , which has turned out to be more popular than I ever could have imagined, and has created more than a few gamers!

Dear Secret Santa

29th November

Really? How on earth did you...? But I thought...? When did...?
Santa, you have worked miracles this year! Here's what I wrote on the geeklist...

Talk about leaving the best till last!

If it's possible to be astonished, delighted, mystified, grateful, shocked and elated at the same time, then that's what I was after opening this. I didn't even realise that this was available in the UK yet!

Every year in my wishlist I put in a "Hail Mary" item. Something that I'm not realistically expecting, but is there just in case the spirit of Christmas is strong and Santa proves to be exceptionally awesome. This year, this was that entry. I have not been this surprised and delighted by a Christmas present for a long time... a long time...

Thank you Secret Santa, thank you SO much.

Best Santa I've ever had, and given me a really uplifting end to the year. Thank you.

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