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Born in Denver, CO I moved to Oklahoma in 1989. I have a B.S. in Applied Physics from OSU, Stillwater.

This of course is THE Oklahoma State University. Oddly enough Ohio isn't the only state in the Union that starts with 'O.' (rumor has it there may even be a third...) While visiting family in Boston and New York the typical assumption was that OSU was Ohio State University. What good New York father would send his son to school in... where was it?


Indeed. Some folks were flabbergasted when presented with the existence of additional states starting with 'O.' No joke - someone actually said this to me once "Oklahoma? Where is that?" Kris Miller
Kris Miller
United States
Morgan Hill
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had a similar experience while living in West Virginia. The story can be summed up as "You're from Nebraska?!? You-speak-good-English-for-a-foreigner." I digress) .

Gaming et cetera

Early gaming started in the afterschool program at Good Shepard School in Denver. Ms. Greer taught me chess in first grade (gently scaffolding and encouraging the other kids to play nice)


March 8th, 1986. Four things happened. I competed in a speech meet (impromtu and short story). I turned 13. My mom bought Battletech as a present. I caught pneumonia. Lucky number 13 eh?

Later in the year I enrolled in a DnD tournament at Wizard's Chest in Cherry Creek, Denver. This is where I met my gaming mentor - Mark Moorehead. Mark turned me on to all things GW (including boardgames)

BattleTech was my gaming passion.(with DnD as my life-long gaming mistress)This was steady and good until 1993...


Comics and sportscards paved the way for my CCG addiction. I was an early adopter of M:tg; I was introduced in August 1993 and half a million cards later I've settled down as a sealed-deck enthusiast with a few boxes of nostalgia fodder and a slew of theme decks. It was all M:tg and 40k until...


I reluctantly agreed to game of Catan in early 2000. By years end I was a full fledged board game enthusiast. I left Oklahoma for the Bay Area and met an amazing group of people, who also, as luck would have it, were gamers.

I was involved in local conventions from 2000-2006, including DunDraCon, ConQuest, KublaCon nee ManaFest. Good times.


After resisting for many years I starting playing collectible miniature games. I dabbled with MageKnight, HeroClix, but DDM was and is the king. Hands down best CMG ever. Dreamblade was really good.

I enjoy miniature war gaming. I like assembling models and painting them as much as pushing them around on the tabletop. Truth be told, assembling is my favorite part.

Skirmish level miniature games ( Warmachine,The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring , Legends of the Old West) are the bee's knees. (As the kids would say...) Low model count is good. Small numbers of minis to paint translates into more completed projects. So most of the projects are small and not time intensive. A fully painted army is still a joy to behold on the table top, so I haven't given up completely on army-scale games like Warhammer and 40k.


Some of the Confrontation minis I've painted:

M:tg dominates my free time. Commander or EDH (essentially a modified 100 card singleton format) is an amazing format. I still enjoy Boardgaming but, CCGs and painting are now my go-to past times.

I routinely judge M:tg events: Competitive and Regular REL. My near -term hobby-goal for 2015 is to finally get my level 3 judge certification.

I'm building a Skorne force and expanding my Circle army. I'm painting a Skorne army for Hordes on consignment.

Here is a link to my favorite session report that I've written:

Here is a link to one of the best session reports evar


One of my BGG hobbies is surfing through profiles and looking at user contributions. I enjoy giving people thumbs up for good contributions. I also tend to give new users thumbs for encouragement.

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