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Update- 12-29-15
I opned up my latest box on Christmas Morning and was super-delighted to find Colt Express!!!! I haven't been able to play it just yet, but I did get all the trains put together and that was fun in and of its self.

Thankls for all you did for me this year. You are by far the most generous Santa I've met.

Heve an excellent 2016!!

Update 12-22-15
Hi Santa- Your latest box arrived unscathed. The peppermints really did the trick! Thank you SO MUCH for your thoughtful gifts and extreme generosity to me this Christmas. You are awesome.

I'm showing a tad of restraint so I'll open the latest game on Christmas morning. I'm really excited!

God bless you,

Update 12-10-15
Hi Santa! Thanks for sending me the two small games in the mail. Nyet is VERY high on my want to trade list and Resistance is an all time favorite (my original version is so worn out that I needed a new copy). I think you really do know me!

Now the bad news/ good news
I went to my car the other morning and found something like game pieces on the ground. I was like, "what game is this?
I followed a trail of carnage and found:

It took me several minutes to figure out what happened.

I'm pretty sure a reindeer (or maybe a dog) shredded the entire package. Astonishingly, the cards for both games are intact and unchewed and I think all of the tokens are OK too.

I'm so touched by the thought that went into your gift. Sincerely, thank you! If you had any insurance on the package, you might want to get them to refund some money to you. Here's another photo that has the shipping label visible.

Thanks again Santa. You are awesome!

Update 11-25-15
Hey santa- Battle Sheep arrived in time for thanksgiving! I bet it will hit the table tomorrow. Im psyched becaus its an abstrat AND a family game. I think my kids will love it too.
God bless ya!


Hey Santa! That's super-thoughtful to try and get the game here in time for Thanksgiving. We are having a lot of family over Thursday so it'll be a hoot to unveil a new game.
Love ya Santa


Hi Santa! Thanks for considering me this Christmas season. I've tried to be good... but... well you know. Ice Cream tastes really good at midnight. Does that disqualify me?

If not, let me remind you that I LOVE 2 player abstract games like GIPF and Hex. On the other end of the spectrum I love games with lots of bluffing like Citadels and Coup. Now that I think of it, I really love a good back-stabby game too (Intrigue comes to mind).

I don't mind a little wear and tear on my games so if your elves have any ding-and-dent specials or used games they want to get rid of, I'd be glad to take them off your hands.

P.S. Did you really punch out Arius? If so, you are my earthly double-hero.

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