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Growing up, my grandmother and aunt taught me to play all sorts of card games. I've always loved games, but have never really had people willing to play with me until I met my current group of friends, who introduced me to a world of games I never knew existed. (Silly me, I never knew there was a gaming world beyond Rummy, Life and Monopoly.)

When it comes to what sort of games I like, I really suck at purely strategic games, so a game generally needs to have some degree of luck involved in order for me to enjoy it. Other than that, I have a tendency to go for theme rather than mechanics. I'm a sucker for anything with a space, occult, or Egyptian theme. Anything related to other cultures - ancient or otherwise - is generally good, too. (On the flipside, if it's got clowns, I won't play it. Evil, awful things, clowns.) And if it's Star Trek, I'll buy it. Even if I never ever find someone to play it with me, I'll still get it out every so often just to look through the pieces and such. And bits!! I am what my friend calls a bit whore. If it's got lots of cool bits, I have to have it. I'm also always on the lookout for cool solitaire games, seeing as my pets have no opposable thumbs and therefore are rather difficult to play non-fetch related games with.

Other than gaming, I enjoy reading, crafty things (knitting, crocheting, and cross stitch being the big things - and one of these days I really will learn to sew...), and music (I sing and play piano). I love to travel, but have no money to do so (especially since I seem to have expensive hobbies). cry I collect quotes - I have a couple of notebooks stuffed with quotes I've written down or clipped from magazines, etc, as well as several different files on my computer containing interesting tidbits. One of these days I'll get around to organizing and cross referencing them and such. And I'm a big fan of fuzzy critters of all sorts - I currently have two dogs and a cat (all rescues), although I fully expect the number and species to expand periodically in the future.

(Note to my Secret Santa: My wishlist is rather extensive, I know. I don't know if that's good or if it comes across as greedy, but I actually use the thing year round for my own edification, to keep track of which games I've researched and liked. Or games that I've stumbled across and would like to research, but haven't yet (the "thinking about it" ones). Otherwise, there are so many of them, I'd never remember them all. laugh )
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