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Note to Chineham Board Gamers members: if you want a game to be played or taught on CBG nights feel free to see whether I have it in my collection then either PM me or post a request in the CBG General Forum. It helps if you tell me the date of the session you intend to be at so that I can prioritise requests (I can't bring all my games along "just on the off-chance")

You stand a better chance of getting me to bring a game if it's on one of these lists (I have arranged the lists in descending order of preference):

(1) Games that I've not yet managed to play
(2) Games that I've played but need to play more so I can rate them
(3) Games I've played and like (choose ones that I rate highly for a better chance)


Note to potential trading partners: As a result of rising postage costs I default to using Collect+ as my delivery agent. I will happily send the parcel to the delivery address that works best for you or to your choice of Collect+ store if picking up your delivery from a store suits your circumstances better. Your package will be double-wrapped in bubble-wrap and enclosed in a sturdy cardboard box (small items may be enclosed in a padded Jiffy Bag as an alternative at my discretion).

Delivery will be tracked and insured to £50. If you provide me with an email address you will get tracking updates from Collect+ otherwise I'll provide you with the tracking ID so you can manage tracking yourself.

I'm happy to accommodate any other alternative arrangements by mutual consent, but it's likely that any additional costs to me will have to be absorbed by my trading partner. For example, by Royal Mail with £50 insurance it costs £9.10 rather than £4.99 by Collect+ for parcels up to 2kg.

My current shipping table as of July 30, 2013 is:
Letter up to 100g and less than £20 value: Royal Mail 1st class
Letter up to 100g and less than £50 value: Royal Mail signed for 1st class
Small parcel up to 1kg and up to £20 value: Royal Mail 2nd class
Small parcel up to 1kg and over £20 value: Royal Mail Signed for 2nd class
Small parcel over 1kg of any value: Collect+ Economy service
Medium parcel any weight of any value: Collect+ Economy service

I use Royal Mail definitions of packet class, weight includes packaging.

I will provide a level of compensation cover commensurate with the value of the item.


Some background on me and my gaming: I started playing "designer games" when I joined the "Chess and Wargames" Club at University. Turned out that it was a front for a wildly divergent variant of D&D (no, not AD&D); some of the members played games like Dune, Cosmic Encounter, 1829 and a few others that become less memorable with each passing year. Good times.

As with so many others, I abandoned my RPG roots to play a newer generation of boardgames around the time that children started to mysteriously appear in the house (if I ever find out who was responsible...). Back then it was Warlock, RoadKill, Empire Builder and (whenever I could) Advanced Civilization

Current stuff: Now, I'm playing mainly longer strategy games but with the odd filler or lighter session. I buy too many new games, play a new game for two month's worth of weekly gaming sessions, and am (as a consequence) acquiring a long list of unplayed games. I joined Chineham Board Gamers in an attempt to address the problem, but have so far mainly spent my time teaching others my current or recent "Game of the Month".

My preferred style of game is toward the "Euro" end of the spectrum because I really dislike confrontational zero-sum games, I also dislike chaotic games. I do however really like theme so I play Thematic Games too, but avoid the confrontational, zero-sum games in the genre.

In a game I like
* Theme supported by mechanics
* Story Arc
* Co-op
* Being rewarded for making good decisions

In a game I dislike
* Dice without meaningful mitigations
* being rewarded for "drawing the best stuff"
* Chaos that defeats skill
* long games with runaway leaders
* long games with no hope trailers

Some games that I really like: Arkham Horror, Advanced Civilization, Merchant of Venus (second edition)

Some games that I really dislike: Agricola, Stone Age, Catan, Kingsburg

Here's what I've been playing recently:

A few words about my collection: I'm currently updating my entries; entering estimated unrecorded plays where necessary and adding ratings and comments. In general, I record only a single play of an expansion (just to clear it from the "Owned but not Played" listing) and record all expansion games under the main game with a description in the Play entry explaining which expansion was used.

If you're looking to find me hanging around this community somewhere, try looking in the Arkham Horror (and its expansions) forums. If you want to game with me, just suggest a game of Arkham Horror or Advanced Civilization
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Top 10
#1: Arkham Horror
#2: Advanced Civilization
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#1: Clash of Cultures
#2: Trains
#3: CO₂
#4: Age of Industry
#5: Spyrium
#6: Glory to Rome
#7: Hanabi
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