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May you find the Perfect Shoe! xxx
Mostly offline, but trying.
Wow, it's that time already? Merry Christmas, Secret Santa! I hope that you have a wonderful one. Thank you for joining in this wonderful holiday tradition. And thank you for the game and expansion! Looking forward to giving it a try

16 Nov 2015 - Thank you for your message, Santa! And a very merry Christmas / Happy Holidays to you and yours.

If you Geekbuddy me, please send me a message and tell me why. Not just for my ego, but also so I can make sure that I keep my own geekbuddies list up to date.

I am working on a PhD on boardgames, which I call "living the dream". My (provisional) topic is "Between Cardboard and Computer: Modern European boardgames and digital convergence". I am exploring the ways in which digitising (Euro) boardgames transforms the experience of play. My discipline is Human-Computer Interaction, and I have a research interest in social and natural user interfaces. When I have papers, videos, etc to share, I (will) post them at my research site. Currently (November 2015), I have a paper on parenting and boardgaming which explores how hardcore gamers maintain their connection to and involvement in the hobby after they have children, which I presented at a conference in May 2015 & will be published in a journal in 2017. Another paper presented in May 2015 explores the tensions that arise when boardgames are turned into digital boardgames. And I'm currently (Nov/15) working on a paper discussing how important physicality is to play, which expands a conference paper I presented in June 2015.

I'm in Melbourne, Australia, which is rather a lovely place to live. As a child, I played the usual board and card games, when I hit my teens I became a roleplayer and later took up Bridge. I made it onto the (Victorian) state Youth Bridge team in 1996 but it was more by accident than through any great skill. I went back to boardgaming while at Uni and discovered German-style games, through La Cittá and then Settlers, in the mid nineties. I am proud to be one of the founding members (and ex-Mayor) of C187 LupusLanding, the BGG Werewolf Community town on http://www.brettspielwelt.de -- which was founded on the 4th of June 2006.

I'm married to Fraser, who posts here as Karlsen. We met in 1983, at a game convention, when I was 13 (you do the maths). These days, we mostly play Euros, as well as children's and family games with our daughters "Biggie" (17 in August '15) and "Otto" (12 - as of March '15).

I went to Essen in 2008 and it was AMAZING. Beyond amazing. Then I went again with my family in 2009. It cost a small fortune but I honestly feel it was worth every penny. Now all I have to do is work out how to go back. Often. I'm working on 2016, but '17 is less unlikely.

My main claim to BGG fame is that I was the very first Geek of the Week in September 2005 - some answers are a bit dated now though - also I am an Admin here, albeit without any specific responsibilities.
Also, I was the Love Spreader of the Week in November 2012. Never fear, though. My week in the sun may be over, but I am not yet All Out Of Love.

These days, I am the Tabletop Manager for PAX Australia. In 2014, we had an amazing experience which got even better in 2015. If you are interested in the show, please get in touch. We're always keen to add games to our library.

If you really want to know more, you can read my personal blog - it's about games, family stuff, general artefacts from my life, etc - but it's not updated very regularly. If you have come here because you know me in real life, please note that everything I post is entirely my own opinion and has nothing to do with employers, clients, my research or BGG management (latter unless stated). There are posts by me at the original Gone Gaming - these days, I occasionally post at The Opinionated Gamers

Following on from this thread: a Poll.

Poll: Where did YOU meet me?
(or where will you meet me?)
1. In real life, was it ...
At a game club
At a game convention (unspecified)
At the Australian Games Expo
At ConVic
Somewhere private and cosy
2. And online ...?
On your blog
On Gone Gaming/Boardgame News
Somewhere private and cosy
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Website: http://melissainau.wordpress.com/ and http://www.rogerson.com.au/boardgames
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Top 10
#1: Agricola
#2: The Princes of Florence
#3: Mombasa
#4: Notre Dame
#5: Goa
#6: Caylus
#7: The Pillars of the Earth
#8: Cosmic Encounter
#9: Louis XIV
#10: Puerto Rico
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#1: Agricola
#2: Agricola
#3: Le Havre
#4: Notre Dame
#5: Agricola
#6: Le Havre
#7: Agricola
#8: Mombasa
#9: Qwixx
#10: Roll for the Galaxy
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