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Dear Santa,

You are amazing! Thank you very much. You have made this the best Christmas ever and I've only opened one gift! (The biggest!)

To find the listing go to page 43 and entry 1064. My husband left you a message on there.



Dear Santa,

My husband says he will totally intercept it and wrap it for you. He wants to know if you want him to use the Star Wars paper or the Avengers paper?

I hope you are not too busy to enjoy some gaming! FYI I am doing much much better! I am probably at 88%!

Thank you and I hope you have a most excellent week!



Dear Santa 2015,

I promise I have been a good girl this year. Just a small recap of this year: 2015 started out good and normal, then I got sick. I am doing much better now, and even stopped smoking because of it. Helped plan an amazing Extra Life event with my group. We have raised almost $4,000 and had over 100 attendees. It was amazing. I've learned some new games, revisited some old ones. I participated in the Taco de Mayo for about a day, but next year I will do better! I also participated in Not buying games for a whole year. It was interesting. I did ok at this. I did kickstart Zombicide Black Plague but that was a treat to myself after being sick and quitting smoking. (If I start back, I have to give the game away)

So that is a recap of the year. It is ending better than I thought it would.

Thank you very much and I hope your year has been wonderful!



Hey Everybody!

My name is Leslie and I am a board gamer! I love to play board games and I love to teach board games.

My husband - not so much. He bought me an iPad so he wouldn't have to play games with me. Oh well. I've given up on trying to convert him. He doesn't care that I hang out with mostly guys so I am cool with him not playing.

Currently, I am the Advisor to the Board Game and Table Top Society at East Carolina University. This has been a great adventure and I am glad to be a part of it. We have held weekly gaming meetings on Tuesdays since September 2013 and have had many successful all day long gaming days. They are a lot of work but I love it.

I also teach a class in ECU's LLP (Lifelong Learning Program) called "Board Games - Not Just for Kids!" This program is for persons older than 65 and can range from arts and crafts to American History to religion. This has been a challenge for me because teaching somebody who already knows how to play some games is completely different than teaching somebody who didn't even know Modern Board Games existed. It is getting a little easier every time I teach it though.

In my household, I have a husband - wonderful man, 2 dogs - an 84 pound Boxer/Pit mix and a 124 pound black wolf/German Sheppard mix, and a 12 pound cat - who beats the dogs up. We had chickens, but a wild dog got in the pen and killed them all. We are planning to get new chickens soon. Our goal is to become a small farm one day but are not sure how many more animals we are going to be allowed to hold on our land. All of my animals are rescues and they are all sweet as can be (most of the time).

When I am not board gaming, I am usually reading or crafting. I craft a little bit of everything based on what has inspired me that month. I also like to cook and love to try new recipes.

So that is about it. If you want to know more about my group, class or my babies just geekmail me. I get really excited when I get geekmail.
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